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Make fragment-only URLs always same-document. Closes #61.'
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nikosandronikos committed Jun 21, 2016
1 parent 7ab9cdf commit f378b15
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2 changes: 2 additions & 0 deletions master/changes.html
Expand Up @@ -549,6 +549,8 @@ <h3 id="linking">Linking chapter</h3>
<li>Removed the <span class='attr-name'>'viewTarget'</span> attribute
on the <a>'view'</a> element and the corresponding SVG view fragment

<li class='added-since-last-wd'>Fragment-only URLs are always same-document.</li>

<h3 id="script">Scripting chapter</h3>
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5 changes: 5 additions & 0 deletions master/linking.html
Expand Up @@ -230,6 +230,11 @@ <h3 id="linkRefAttrs">URL reference attributes</h3>
<p>If the <a>URL reference</a> is relative, its absolute version must be computed by the method described in
<a href="">XML Base</a> before use [<a href="refs.html#ref-XML-BASE">XML-BASE</a>].</p>

<p class='ready-for-wg-review'>If the <a>URL reference</a> is a fragment-only URL, it must be treated as
a same-document URL as described in
<a href="">CSS Values and Units</a>
[<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS3VALUES">CSS3VALUES</a>].</p>

<p>If the protocol, such as HTTP, does not support <a>URLs</a> directly,
the <a>URL</a> is converted to a URI by the SVG implementation, as described
in section 3.1 of the <a href="">URL specification</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-RFC3987">RFC3987</a>].</p>
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