A place to find and contribute examples of typographic features in text, especially from non-Latin scripts. Please read the instructions below before contributing images or comments. Use this link to find items ->
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A place to find and contribute examples of typographic features in text, especially from non-Latin scripts.

Please do not use the issues in this repo to discuss typographic features. Each issue should just be a referenceable storage location fo one image. Any comments below that image and its metadata should only refer to the image itself (eg. suitability, clarification, etc), and not lead to a general discussion about the feature illustrated. Those discussions should be moved elsewhere.

How to find a sample

Use the Visual Index (Currently still a prototype.)

Click on a radio button in the right column to select what type of image you are interested in. Refine it by script/medium, if you want. Click on a thumbnail to see the image with metadata.

When looking at an issue, you can click on the image to see a larger version.

How to submit an image

Warning: The current setup is experimental, and may change if a more effective method is found.

If you want to submit an image to the repo please raise an issue and follow these instructions.

By submitting an image you indicate that you agree to be bound by the stipulations in CONTRIBUTING.md. The repo is moderated. If an image submission is accepted, the moderator will add the labels that make the issue visible in the index, but may edit the title and body text you provided before doing so.

The issue title

Should have the following structure:

<script-tag> <lang-tag> <media-label> <one or more space-separated feature-labels>

For example:

hebr he newsprint justification text-decoration

The script and lang tags should be those in BCP-47. Find a tag.

The <media-label> should be one of the following (the list is likely to grow over time). There should only be ONE feature label in the issue title. book, inscription, magazine, mockup, newsprint, printedmatter, signage, software, webpage, other

There should be only ONE feature-label per line in the issue body, but ALL feature labels used in the body should appear at the end of the title (space separated). Feature labels should be one of the following. abbreviation bidi-text emphasis font-style fonts glyphs-diacritics hyphenation initial-letter inline-spacing justification lists notes-footnotes numbers punctuation quotations ruby text-decoration vertical-text

If you need something different, leave a note in the body of the issue.

The issue body

Should start with an image. There should only be one image per issue. You should drag and drop the image into the issue, rather than point to it with a link.

After the image, use the following syntax:

tag: <feature-label> <short description>
[possibly more lines like that just above]
source: <description of the source of the image, and a link for online resources>

For example:

tag: font-style Oblique-styled text leaning to the left.
tag: abbreviation Heh with joining form and extended baseline in date.
source: Asharq al Awsat, p1, 12 Dec 1994

Descriptions should be short and succinct, like titles. They should indicate what the image illustrates.

You can add descriptive text below, if really needed. It's also helpful to provide a text transcription of the content in the image for those who want to create tests, so that they can copy and paste the text.

You won't be able to add github labels. They will be applied for you. And you shouldn't need to use pull requests.

Note: This compilation is made available under the Software and Document License. W3C makes no copyright assertions about the status of user-contributed images.