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UI Events

This repository is for the UI Events specification (formerly known as DOM 3 Events).


The goal of the UI/DOM Events sub-group, part of the Web Applications Working Group, is to complete the UI Events specification according to market needs, to drive its adoption and implementation, to provide a comprehensive test suite (for implementability at least, and hopefully for interoperability, too), and to move it along the Recommendation Track to W3C Recommendation status.


For discussion of matters related to DOM Events, the group uses the mailing list (archive).


Open Issues


This spec was created using bikeshed. If you would like to contribute edits, please make sure that your changes build correctly.

To build this spec:

  1. Clone this repo into a local directory.
  2. Install bikeshed
  3. Run python in your local directory.

To make edits to the spec:

  1. Edit the file or any of the sections\*.txt files.
  2. Build (as above). This will create a sections\*.include file for each *.txt file and then create the index.html.

When submitting pull requests, make sure you don't include any of the sections\*.include files in your changelist — they've all been added to the .gitignore file so that you don't include them accidentally. All changes should be made in the sections\*.txt files and



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