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.github Remove myself from maintainers Jan 4, 2019
DOM-Level-3-Events-code keep only js-based redirect for fragments Nov 23, 2015
DOM-Level-3-Events-key redirect to uievents-key Nov 16, 2015
ServiceWorker redirect SW to WS/spec/s_w Sep 7, 2016
browser-payment-api Fix tag issue Jul 26, 2017
css Extend GH docs with info from other sources Sep 12, 2018
editing-explainer added the editing-explainer/* for the goal of redirecting gh-pages Nov 12, 2015
img Editing workflow guidance Oct 5, 2017
keyboard-lock Redirect Dec 23, 2019
speech-api Fix speech-api redirect Dec 7, 2019
tidy-html5 Use https. Jan 16, 2015
webpayments-method-identifiers Fix tag issue Jul 26, 2017
webpayments-methods-card Fix tag issue Jul 26, 2017
webpayments-methods-credit-transfer-direct-debit For redirecting to renamed repo for ct Nov 21, 2017
webpayments-payment-apps-api Fix tag issue Jul 26, 2017
webvr Setup redirects for WebVR new home Dec 10, 2017
.gitignore add all the SRC files Aug 28, 2015 Remove build step Oct 13, 2017
best-practices.html Links to datree and Web Platform Tests are broken Apr 20, 2020
favicon.ico Use alternative favicon from instead Dec 24, 2015
git.html Address #64 (comment) Dec 17, 2018
hr-labels.json Tracking TAG issues Apr 17, 2020
index.html Address #64 (comment) Dec 17, 2018
issue-metadata.html class attribute for TAG Apr 17, 2020
repo-management.html Address #64 (comment) Dec 17, 2018
spec-labels.html Update doc generation; add GitHub "best practices" Aug 16, 2018
specs.html Address #64 (comment) Dec 17, 2018
w3c.json.html Remove incorrect favicon link Jul 3, 2019

The W3C organisation

This is the repository for the documentation that sits at


Directories (e.g., "DOM-Level-3-Events-key") are repositories that have been renamed. These serve as redirects.

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