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W3C Process Document
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This repository is for the editor's draft of the World Wide Web Consortium Process Document.

The Process document is updated most years by the W3C.

The editor's draft can be viewed at

Discussion happens in the context of the W3C Process Community Group

This document is maintained using Bikeshed. See the section about markup in Bikeshed's documentation for full details about the syntax.

Only the source ( should be committed, as this repository is configured to run bikeshed server-side and push the result to the gh-pages branch.

To run Bikeshed locally, Follow the instructions in Bikeshed's documentation. Once Bikeshed is installed, just type bikeshed to compile the document.

To set up long-lived topic branches which get built server side and published to, follow these steps:

  1. On the master branch edit to add the name of your topic branch to the TOPIC_BRANCHES array. Example:

    TOPIC_BRANCHES=("topic1" "topic2" "topic3")
  2. (Optional Step) Edit the file to add a "Build Status" line for your topic branch. See the existing "Build Status" for the master branch as a model.

  3. Commit the change(s) above, and push to (not your personal fork). Example:

    git add
    git commit -m "Register topic branch for topic3"
    git push upstream master
  4. Create a new branch from the master branch (after the previous commit), using the same name as the one you used in the TOPIC_BRANCHES array, and push it to (not your personal fork). Example:

    git checkout -b topic3
    git push upstream topic3
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