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.well-known Add README in /.well-known/ to explain why mock-idp.js is hosted there Aug 8, 2017
2dcontext Get ImageBitmap tests working with MP4 too Jan 16, 2018
FileAPI Set explicit_timeout to true in nested window test environment in blo… Jan 17, 2018
IndexedDB IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
WebCryptoAPI WebCryptoAPI: secure contexts cleanup Jan 11, 2018
WebIDL Test that RegExps aren't special-cased in Web IDL anymore Nov 27, 2017
accelerometer Merge pull request #6769 from Honry/sensor/linearaccelerationsensor Jan 18, 2018
acid Update Acid3 for DOM exception simplification Nov 24, 2017
ambient-light Sensor FP tests need title (#8965) Jan 18, 2018
annotation-model Annotation model fixreqs (#4232) Dec 13, 2016
annotation-protocol Remove executable bit from files that definitely aren't (#7756) Oct 13, 2017
annotation-vocab Annotation vocabulary setup (#4231) Nov 22, 2016
apng Add a web platform test for APNG Apr 12, 2017
audio-output Merge pull request #7010 from dontcallmedom/setsinkid Aug 28, 2017
background-fetch Align 'IsPotentiallyTrustworthy' with the spec for `localhost`. Oct 21, 2017
battery-status Battery Status: Add [Exposed=Window] to Web IDL test Oct 3, 2017
beacon Add Additional Beacon CORS Tests (#8757) Jan 12, 2018
bluetooth bluetooth: Migrate generated server tests Jan 17, 2018
clear-site-data Verify that various backends are deleted with the "storage" datatype Aug 4, 2017
clipboard-apis Move clipboard/OWNERS into clipboard-apis/ (#7268) Sep 7, 2017
common Rewrite pageload-video.html not to assume WebM support. (#8569) Dec 5, 2017
compat Test that webkitHidden and webkitVisibilityState do not exist (#6983) Aug 25, 2017
conformance-checkers Update wrong word 'lenght' to 'length' (#8801) Dec 26, 2017
console Add console timeline timelineEnd historical tests Mar 30, 2017
content-security-policy CSP: Implement 'prefetch-src' behind a flag. Jan 17, 2018
cookie-store Cookie Store API: Add more WPT coverage for Service Worker. Dec 19, 2017
cookies Fix a few WPT cookie tests. Jan 2, 2018
core-aam Fix issues in wai-aria and core-aam tests for UIA and IAccessible2 (#… Nov 29, 2017
cors Move XMLHttpRequest/ to xhr/ Jan 6, 2018
credential-management Hook WebAuthN to //device/u2f to perform credential registration. Nov 21, 2017
css Use new ComputedStyle instance for kNoChange. Jan 19, 2018
custom-elements Fix document.write()/writeln() tests for custom elements Dec 5, 2017
docs Add port explination Jan 10, 2018
dom DOM: unclosed attribute value selector in querySelectorAll() Jan 8, 2018
domparsing replace DocumentSource::NotFromParser with DocumentSource::FromParser Jan 10, 2018
domxpath Make the XPath IDL tests tentative (#7639) Oct 9, 2017
dpub-aam WAI: Updated tests for wai-aria and dpub-aam (#5877) May 10, 2017
dpub-aria Dpub vocab (#4387) Jan 31, 2017
editing Add webplatform-test for testing "insertParagraph" command when user-… Nov 15, 2017
encoding Encoding: stop expecting '&' and '#' to be percent-encoded in queries Dec 15, 2017
encrypted-media IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
entries-api entries-api: Don't use const for loop variable Oct 11, 2017
eventsource Make EventTarget Constructible & Subclassable in JavaScript Nov 10, 2017
feature-policy Autoplay: check for iframe document gesture before looking for Featur… Jan 2, 2018
fetch Fetch: redirects and credentials Jan 12, 2018
fonts Update Ahem to latest from AhemMaker Sep 21, 2017
fullscreen Don't SetContainsFullScreenElement() when inserting elements Nov 17, 2017
gamepad Adapt gampad IDL tests to latest spec Jan 14, 2018
generic-sensor Merge pull request #7431 from Honry/sensor/more-layout-tests Jan 18, 2018
geolocation-API Cleanup testharness-related code (#5559) May 5, 2017
geolocation-sensor Sensor FP tests need title (#8965) Jan 18, 2018
gyroscope Sensor FP tests need title (#8965) Jan 18, 2018
hr-time Add toJSON tests for LongTasks, Performance, and PerformanceEntry Jan 3, 2018
html-imports Remove more testharness.css links (#2217) Mar 31, 2016
html-longdesc Add OWNERS files generated from commit log. Feb 2, 2016
html-media-capture HTML Media Capture: update Web IDL tests (#6272) Aug 15, 2017
html Upstream track-webvtt-non-snap* and track-webvtt-two-cue-layout* tests Jan 19, 2018
http Don't return the response from python handler, Jan 3, 2018
imagebitmap-renderingcontext Clean up ImageBitmapRenderingContext tests Nov 14, 2016
images Fix #9012: Add an MP4 copy of images/pattern.png Jan 16, 2018
infrastructure Add generation for "ahem-mismatch.html" (#8396) Nov 22, 2017
innerText Test multiple text nodes with innerText Nov 8, 2017
input-events [InputEvent] Rewrite typing and getTargetRanges() tests into WPT Sep 15, 2017
interfaces HTML: correct RenderingContext typedef Jan 17, 2018
intersection-observer style: Add some more tests for disallowed rootMargin values. Oct 30, 2017
js Use assert_in_array instead of assert_true(x === y || x === z) May 18, 2017
keyboard-lock Renaming KeyboardLock JS API to match spec Jan 11, 2018
longtask-timing Add toJSON tests for LongTasks, Performance, and PerformanceEntry Jan 3, 2018
magnetometer Sensor FP tests need title (#8965) Jan 18, 2018
mathml Merge pull request #8436 from w3c/mathml-unique-identifier Nov 27, 2017
media-capabilities IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
media-source Delete blink MSE config change tests to de-dup with upstream wpt. Jan 17, 2018
media Upstream track-remove* tests Dec 26, 2017
mediacapture-fromelement Revert "[mediacapture-fromelement] Support Firefox moz-prefixed imple… Nov 24, 2017
mediacapture-image Image Capture: add idlharness WPT May 4, 2017
mediacapture-record MediaRecoder: add idlharness WPT Mar 19, 2017
mediacapture-streams Fix parsing of MediaStream disabled video track test file Dec 4, 2017
mediasession IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
mimesniff Fix flaky MIME type parsing test Dec 8, 2017
mixed-content Treat prefetches as blockable mixed content. Nov 20, 2017
navigation-timing Consolidate navigation-timing tests into web-platform-tests Nov 22, 2017
navigator [deviceMemory] Implement navigator.deviceMemory for workers Jan 8, 2018
netinfo NetInfo: web platform tests for the saveData attribute Nov 7, 2017
notifications Marking tests as HTTPS. Feb 27, 2017
offscreen-canvas Fix OffscreenCanvas resizing behavior Aug 22, 2017
old-tests/submission old-tests: remove webdriver tests Oct 16, 2017
orientation-event orientation-event: Update idlharness.js tests Mar 23, 2017
orientation-sensor Sensor FP tests need title (#8965) Jan 18, 2018
page-visibility Merge branch 'pv_onvisibilitychange' into plh/page-visibility/onvisib… Jul 26, 2017
paint-timing Add paint-timing test for sibling frames Nov 28, 2017
payment-handler Add initial payment handler tests. (#7037) Sep 7, 2017
payment-method-basic-card Remove @alphan102, add @mnoorenberghe Oct 10, 2017
payment-method-id chore(payment-method-id): create dir for incoming tests Jul 21, 2017
payment-request Add must be UUID tests Jan 19, 2018
performance-timeline Add takeRecords() for PerformanceObserver Jan 18, 2018
pointerevents Add pointerevent fractional coordinates wpt Jan 8, 2018
pointerlock Use integer subtraction to calculate movement_x/y Jan 17, 2018
preload Removed equivalent tests in the preload directory Dec 28, 2017
presentation-api [presentation-api] Stop using EventWatcher for IndexedDB (#9046) Jan 19, 2018
proximity Adapt Proximity Sensor IDL tests to latest spec (#9029) Jan 15, 2018
quirks Rename quirks-mode to quirks to match the standard shortname Jan 4, 2018
referrer-policy Inherit referrer and policy when creating a nested browsing context Oct 24, 2017
remote-playback [RemotePlayback] Fix layout tests for remote playback. Jun 19, 2017
requestidlecallback IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
resize-observer Tests for ResizeObserver (#6878) Oct 2, 2017
resource-timing Move http/tests/w3c/webperf/submission/Google/resource-timing to wpt II Jan 12, 2018
resources Process items in DOM order in check-layout-th.js Jan 18, 2018
screen-orientation Add marcoscaceres as owner Feb 27, 2017
secure-contexts Restrict secure<=>non-secure SharedWorker creation. Nov 16, 2017
selection Move Microsoft's collapse.html to the test suite. Oct 4, 2017
server-timing add test to verify case of name and description Jan 9, 2018
service-workers Merge pull request #8898 from youennf/wpt-export-for-webkit-181286 Jan 8, 2018
shadow-dom Don't dispatch events when target is shadow-including ancestor of rel… Jan 19, 2018
speech-api Update OWNERS Oct 18, 2017
staticrange [InputEvent] Make StaticRange immutable and move tests to wpt Apr 14, 2017
storage Use new IDL mixin syntax in storage/ Dec 18, 2017
streams TransformStream: a bad readableStrategy size errors the stream (#8565) Dec 6, 2017
subresource-integrity Test Ed25519 signatures with CSP. Aug 25, 2017
svg-aam Placeholder for svg-aam tests Jan 31, 2017
svg Upstream svg/dom/SVGAnimated*.html to web-platform-tests Jan 18, 2018
tools Don't bind hostname when running wptrunner for Servo Jan 18, 2018
touch-events Add some more historical tests for touch-events. Nov 30, 2017
trusted-types Fix a no-op Trusted Types test. Oct 9, 2017
uievents Add WPT platform test for mouse events after layout. Jan 3, 2018
upgrade-insecure-requests Upgrade Insecure Requests: OOPIF support, bugfixes & tests. Jan 17, 2018
url Encode ' ', '"', '<', '>', and '`' in URL fragments Dec 5, 2017
user-timing upadte pull request #4976 Jul 26, 2017
vibration Get rid of /common/vendor-prefix.js Sep 29, 2017
visual-viewport Relax event timing constraint in visual viewport resize WPT Jan 15, 2018
wai-aria Fix issues in wai-aria and core-aam tests for UIA and IAccessible2 (#… Nov 29, 2017
wake-lock WakeLockRequest is independent rather than WakeLock (#8416) Dec 1, 2017
wasm Fix race in wpt /wasm/wasm_local_iframe_test.html (r=bz) Jan 3, 2018
web-animations Update references to Web Animations spec in web-platform-tests; Jan 3, 2018
web-nfc Web NFC: Convert Chromium Layout tests to testharness tests (#6490) Aug 2, 2017
web-share interfaces/web-share: Changed IDL to match spec change. Jul 7, 2017
webaudio Sync wpt/webaudio audit.js Nov 15, 2017
webauthn Updates per WD-07. Jan 9, 2018
webdriver webdriver: add missing files to help pytest disambiguate … Jan 18, 2018
webgl Re-add webgl tests that aren't part of the upstream conformance suite. Nov 2, 2017
webmessaging MessageEvent: origin and IDNA Nov 24, 2017
webrtc webrtc: Fix RTCSctpTransport.maxMessageSize default value Jan 15, 2018
websockets Fix some websockets tests Dec 24, 2017
webstorage IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
webusb Use in WebUSB tests Nov 7, 2017
webvr IDL: remove [PrimaryGlobal] Dec 18, 2017
webvtt Upstream regions-webvtt tests Jan 10, 2018
webxr Add idl test for webxr Jan 14, 2018
workers Fix the flakiness in workers/worker-performance.worker.js Jan 7, 2018
worklets [css-layout-api] Adds LayoutWorkletGlobalScope and proxy. Jan 18, 2018
x-frame-options Fix lint errors May 18, 2017
xhr Treat policy-disallowed sync xhr as a network error Jan 17, 2018
.codecov.yml Add codecov configutation. (#5623) Apr 24, 2017
.gitignore add webdriver tests for Get Status command Jul 27, 2017
.gitmodules Add widlproc submodule Apr 19, 2017
.travis.yml Standardise our flake8 setup Jan 16, 2018 Meta: make point to documentation Mar 16, 2017 Fix the first header in the license file (#5244) Mar 28, 2017 Editorial: enhance Windows installation instructions Dec 12, 2017
check_stability.ini change webhook URL and add functionality for each job to post to bot Aug 9, 2017
config.default.json Add pregenerated certificates to the repo and use them by default. Aug 21, 2017
lint.whitelist only whitelist server-timing header files Jan 10, 2018 Add a warning when running ./serve when tools.serve cannot be imported ( Oct 30, 2016 Make tests self-hosting Jan 6, 2014
testharness_runner.html Add testharness_runner file here for now. Apr 17, 2015 MIME type parsing tests Dec 7, 2017
wpt Add a wpt command as a frontend to all cli interactions. Jul 26, 2017 Allow |python wpt <command>| to work on Windows. Aug 16, 2017

The web-platform-tests Project IRC chat

The web-platform-tests Project is a W3C-coordinated attempt to build a cross-browser testsuite for the Web-platform stack. Writing tests in a way that allows them to be run in all browsers gives browser projects confidence that they are shipping software that is compatible with other implementations, and that later implementations will be compatible with their implementations. This in turn gives Web authors/developers confidence that they can actually rely on the Web platform to deliver on the promise of working across browsers and devices without needing extra layers of abstraction to paper over the gaps left by specification editors and implementors.

Setting Up the Repo

Clone or otherwise get

Note: because of the frequent creation and deletion of branches in this repo, it is recommended to "prune" stale branches when fetching updates, i.e. use git pull --prune (or git fetch -p && git merge).

Running the Tests

The tests are designed to be run from your local computer. The test environment requires Python 2.7+ (but not Python 3.x).

On Windows, be sure to add the Python directory (c:\python2x, by default) to your %Path% Environment Variable, and read the Windows Notes section below.

To get the tests running, you need to set up the test domains in your hosts file. The following entries are required:   web-platform.test   www.web-platform.test   www1.web-platform.test   www2.web-platform.test   xn--n8j6ds53lwwkrqhv28a.web-platform.test   xn--lve-6lad.web-platform.test     nonexistent-origin.web-platform.test

If you are behind a proxy, you also need to make sure the domains above are excluded from your proxy lookups.

Running Tests Manually

The test server can be started using

./wpt serve

On Windows: You will need to preceed the prior command with python or the path to the python binary.

python wpt serve

This will start HTTP servers on two ports and a websockets server on one port. By default one web server starts on port 8000 and the other ports are randomly-chosen free ports. Tests must be loaded from the first HTTP server in the output. To change the ports, copy the config.default.json file to config.json and edit the new file, replacing the part that reads:

"http": [8000, "auto"]

to some port of your choice e.g.

"http": [1234, "auto"]

Running Tests Automatically

Tests can be run automatically in a browser using the run command of the wpt script in the root of the checkout. This requires the hosts file setup documented above, but you must not have the test server already running when calling wpt run. The basic command line syntax is:

./wpt run product [tests]

On Windows: You will need to preceed the prior command with python or the path to the python binary.

python wpt product [tests]

where product is currently firefox or chrome and [tests] is a list of paths to tests. This will attempt to automatically locate a browser instance and install required dependencies. The command is very configurable; for examaple to specify a particular binary use wpt run --binary=path product. The full range of options can be see with wpt run --help and wpt run --wptrunner-help.

Not all dependencies can be automatically installed; in particular the certutil tool required to run https tests with Firefox must be installed using a system package manager or similar.

On Debian/Ubuntu certutil may be installed using:

sudo apt install libnss3-tools

And on macOS with homebrew using:

brew install nss

On other platforms, download the firefox archive and archive for your platform from Mozilla CI.

Then extract certutil[.exe] from the package and libnss3[.so|.dll|.dynlib] and put the former on your path and the latter on your library path.

Command Line Tools

The wpt command provides a frontend to a variety of tools for working with and running web-platform-tests. Some of the most useful commands are:

  • wpt serve - For starting the wpt http server
  • wpt run - For running tests in a browser
  • wpt lint - For running the lint against all tests
  • wpt manifest - For updating or generating a MANIFEST.json test manifest
  • wpt install - For installing the latest release of a browser or webdriver server on the local machine.


Some optional components of web-platform-tests (test components from third party software and pieces of the CSS build system) are included as submodules. To obtain these components run the following in the root of your checkout:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Prior to commit 39d07eb01fab607ab1ffd092051cded1bdd64d78 submodules were requried for basic functionality. If you are working with an older checkout, the above command is required in all cases.

When moving between a commit prior to 39d07eb and one after it git may complain

$ git checkout master
error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout:

followed by a long list of files. To avoid this error remove the resources and tools directories before switching branches:

$ rm -r resources/ tools/
$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'

When moving in the opposite direction, i.e. to a commit that does have submodules, you will need to git submodule update, as above. If git throws an error like:

fatal: No url found for submodule path 'resources/webidl2/test/widlproc' in .gitmodules
Failed to recurse into submodule path 'resources/webidl2'
fatal: No url found for submodule path 'tools/html5lib' in .gitmodules
Failed to recurse into submodule path 'resources'
Failed to recurse into submodule path 'tools'

then remove the tools and resources directories, as above.

Windows Notes

On Windows wpt commands must be prefixed with python or the path to the python binary (if python is not in your %PATH%).

python wpt [command]

Alternatively, you may also use Bash on Ubuntu on Windows in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update build, then access your windows partition from there to launch wpt commands.

Please make sure git and your text editor do not automatically convert line endings, as it will cause lint errors. For git, please set git config core.autocrlf false in your working tree.


By default pregenerated certificates for the web-platform.test domain are provided in the repository. If you wish to generate new certificates for any reason it's possible to use OpenSSL when starting the server, or starting a test run, by providing the --ssl-type=openssl argument to the wpt serve or wpt run commands.

If you installed OpenSSL in such a way that running openssl at a command line doesn't work, you also need to adjust the path to the OpenSSL binary. This can be done by adding a section to config.json like:

"ssl": {"openssl": {"binary": "/path/to/openssl"}}

On Windows using OpenSSL typically requires installing an OpenSSL distribution. Shining Light provide a convenient installer that is known to work, but requires a little extra setup, i.e.:

Run the installer for Win32_OpenSSL_v1.1.0b (30MB). During installation, change the default location for where to Copy OpenSSL Dlls from the System directory to the /bin directory.

After installation, ensure that the path to OpenSSL (typically, this will be C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin) is in your %Path% Environment Variable. If you forget to do this part, you will most likely see a 'File Not Found' error when you start wptserve.

Finally, set the path value in the server configuration file to the default OpenSSL configuration file location. To do this, copy config.default.json in the web-platform-tests root to config.json. Then edit the JSON so that the key ssl/openssl/base_conf_path has a value that is the path to the OpenSSL config file (typically this will be C:\\OpenSSL-Win32\\bin\\openssl.cfg).


The master branch is automatically synced to

Pull requests are automatically mirrored except those that modify sensitive resources (such as .py). The latter require someone with merge access to comment with "LGTM" or "w3c-test:mirror" to indicate the pull request has been checked.

Finding Things

Each top-level directory matches the shortname used by a standard, with some exceptions. (Typically the shortname is from the standard's corresponding GitHub repository.)

For some of the specifications, the tree under the top-level directory represents the sections of the respective documents, using the section IDs for directory names, with a maximum of three levels deep.

So if you're looking for tests in HTML for "The History interface", they will be under html/browsers/history/the-history-interface/.

Various resources that tests depend on are in common, images, and fonts.


In the vast majority of cases the only upstream branch that you should need to care about is master. If you see other branches in the repository, you can generally safely ignore them.


Save the Web, Write Some Tests!

Absolutely everyone is welcome (and even encouraged) to contribute to test development, so long as you fulfill the contribution requirements detailed in the Contributing Guidelines. No test is too small or too simple, especially if it corresponds to something for which you've noted an interoperability bug in a browser.

The way to contribute is just as usual:

  • Fork this repository (and make sure you're still relatively in sync with it if you forked a while ago).
  • Create a branch for your changes: git checkout -b topic.
  • Make your changes.
  • Run the lint script described below.
  • Commit locally and push that to your repo.
  • Send in a pull request based on the above.

Issues with web-platform-tests

If you spot an issue with a test and are not comfortable providing a pull request per above to fix it, please file a new issue. Thank you!

Lint tool

We have a lint tool for catching common mistakes in test files. You can run it manually by starting the lint executable from the root of your local web-platform-tests working directory like this:

./wpt lint

The lint tool is also run automatically for every submitted pull request, and reviewers will not merge branches with tests that have lint errors, so you must fix any errors the lint tool reports.

In the unusual case of error reports for things essential to a certain test or that for other exceptional reasons shouldn't prevent a merge of a test, update and commit the lint.whitelist file in the web-platform-tests root directory to suppress the error reports.

For more details, see the lint-tool documentation.

Adding command-line scripts ("tools" subdirs)

Sometimes you may want to add a script to the repository that's meant to be used from the command line, not from a browser (e.g., a script for generating test files). If you want to ensure (e.g., for security reasons) that such scripts won't be handled by the HTTP server, but will instead only be usable from the command line, then place them in either:

  • the tools subdir at the root of the repository, or

  • the tools subdir at the root of any top-level directory in the repository which contains the tests the script is meant to be used with

Any files in those tools directories won't be handled by the HTTP server; instead the server will return a 404 if a user navigates to the URL for a file within them.

If you want to add a script for use with a particular set of tests but there isn't yet any tools subdir at the root of a top-level directory in the repository containing those tests, you can create a tools subdir at the root of that top-level directory and place your scripts there.

For example, if you wanted to add a script for use with tests in the notifications directory, create the notifications/tools subdir and put your script there.

Test Review

We can sometimes take a little while to go through pull requests because we have to go through all the tests and ensure that they match the specification correctly. But we look at all of them, and take everything that we can.

OWNERS files are used only to indicate who should be notified of pull requests. If you are interested in receiving notifications of proposed changes to tests in a given directory, feel free to add yourself to the OWNERS file. Anyone with expertise in the specification under test can approve a pull request. In particular, if a test change has already been adequately reviewed "upstream" in another repository, it can be pushed here without any further review by supplying a link to the upstream review.

Getting Involved

If you wish to contribute actively, you're very welcome to join the mailing list (low traffic) by signing up to our mailing list. The mailing list is archived.

Join us on irc #testing (, port 6665). The channel is archived.