Initial test for resource timing #402

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plehegar commented Nov 9, 2013

This is just an initial test to adjust all of the tests before moving them all.


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plehegar commented Nov 9, 2013

test_resource_cached.html is generated inconsistent results (could be a Google canary error?)


@plehegar there's been no action on this for 6 months, and you have review comments waiting over at


@plehegar radio check

@plehegar plehegar referenced this pull request in w3c/resource-timing Apr 27, 2016

Contribute tests for resource timing #46


@igrigorik @plehegar This PR needs some love. What are the next steps? This may be one where some assistance from Xiaquan


@siusin looked at this PR and concluded that it overlaps with what we have in the repo. Proposal is to close down the PR with no action. @igrigorik ?


sgtm, closing.

@igrigorik igrigorik closed this Nov 15, 2016
@toddreifsteck toddreifsteck reopened this Nov 15, 2016

These tests clearly have additional coverage missing from existing tests. They cover clearing the buffer which is something the existing tests don't cover. There is some overlap, but I'm not clear that is a good reason to shut this PR down.

siusin commented Nov 17, 2016

Sorry, I was looking at a wrong branch when I did the review last time. My WPT repo got messed up after I merged these commits to the latest :(

@toddreifsteck is correct. I think it's reasonable to keep the following tests, although some of them need to be modified:

  • test_resource_cached.html
  • test_resource_iframe_self_navigation.html
  • test_resource_ignore_data_url.html
  • test_resource_ignore_failures.html
  • test_resource_script_types.html
  • test_resource_reparenting.html
  • test_resource_redirects.html
  • test_resource_connection_reuse.html
  • test_resource_frame_initiator_type.html
  • test_resource_dynamic_insertion.html

These two tests can be removed for overlaps:

  • test_resource_attribute_order.html (covered by test_resource_timing.html);
  • test_resource_initiator_types.html (covered by resource_timing.html)

I'll submit the updated tests later.

@siusin siusin was assigned by igrigorik Nov 21, 2016

(goal is to close this PR and open one or more new ones with the proper test)

siusin commented Nov 30, 2016 edited

Updated as pull request #4266 :

  • test_resource_cached.html, updated as resource_cached.htm, to use python instead of php;
  • test_resource_iframe_self_navigation.html, reported inconsistent results but failed to find relevant detail in the spec.
  • test_resource_ignore_data_url.html is covered by resource-timing.html.
  • test_resource_ignore_failures.html, divided as resource_ignore_failures_level1 and resource_failures.
  • test_resource_script_types.html, ignored as edge cases.
  • test_resource_reparenting.html, couldn't find relevant detail in the spec.
  • test_resource_redirects.html is covered by resource-timing.html.
  • test_resource_connection_reuse.html, updated as resource_connection_reuse.html, to use python instead of php;
  • test_resource_frame_initiator_type.html is covered by resource-timing.html.
  • test_resource_dynamic_insertion.html, updated as resource_dynamic_insertion.html.
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