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This switches CI for the repo away from Travis and over to GitHub
Actions, using the common tooling from

It also removes the index.html file from version control in the repo —
because with the w3c/spec-prod setup, we can autopublish the generated
spec on every push, without needing to keep the generated output under
version control in the repo.

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Editor's draft:

The spec text is written in Bikeshed. After editing, you can generate a new HTML draft by typing make on the command line. Note that this requires an active internet connection to download up-to-date config files.

You can publish a new draft by typing make publish (which simply pushes the local master branch to GitHub's gh-pages branch).

Please do not modify spec_v1.markdown or its compiled file, index.kramdown.html. These are the spec files from version 1 of the spec, which was originally written in Kramdown, but work is now done exclusively in

Pull requests happily reviewed.