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The W3C Web Payments Interest Group

The mission of the Web Payments Interest Group, part of the Web Payments Activity, is to provide a forum for Web Payments technical discussions to identify use cases and requirements for existing and/or new specifications to ease payments on the Web for users (payers) and merchants (payees), and to establish a common ground for payment service providers on the Web Platform.

The overall objective of this group is to identify and leverage the conditions for greater uptake and wider use of Web Payments through the identification of standardization needs to increase interoperability between the different stakeholders and the different payment methods.

Repository Layout

The purpose of the directories in this repository are explained below:

  • latest - this is where the bleeding edge (aka latest) Editor's drafts are kept.
  • ED - The latest time-stamped Editor's drafts are placed here.
  • WD - The latest time-stamped Working Drafts are placed here.
  • prototypes - Code samples of prototypes built to test assumptions and elicit feedback on work in progress.