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Meeting policies

  1. All agendas are sent to the group's public list
  2. Minutes will initially be in member-only space, giving the IG a chance to review.
  3. The URI of the minutes will be published immediately after the meeting on the public list and linked to the Github wiki.
  4. The minutes will remain member-only until the next telcon or until 5 business days have elapsed, whichever comes first.
  5. People can comment on the minutes on email. Comments should (but not must) be limited to the following cases: a. Where the commenter has been misquoted or under-quoted. b. Where the commenter had said something that was missed in the minutes.
  6. On the following telcon, it will still be possible to comment on the minutes, but discussion without first having sent email will be frowned on ☹.

Previous meetings

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