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Merge pull request #128 from w3c/volume-81

Define audio level rigidly
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alvestrand committed Jan 11, 2017
2 parents ce697bc + 9672006 commit c912867bb6dbe622cb13c6fbc399da14f00032ef
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@@ -1203,8 +1203,17 @@ <h2>
Only valid for audio, and the value is between 0..1 (linear), where 1.0
represents <code>0 dBov</code>. Calculated as defined in [[!RFC6464]].
Only valid for audio. The value is between 0..1 (linear), where 1.0
represents <code>0 dBov</code>, 0 represents silence, and 0.5 represents
approximately 6 dBSPL change in the sound pressure level from 0 dBov.
The "audio level" value defined in [[RFC6464]] and used in the
RTCRtpContributingSource.audioLevel of [[WEBRTC]] (defined as 0..127, where 0
represents 0 dBov, 126 represents -126 dBov and 127 represents silence) is
obtained by the calculation given in appendix A of [[!RFC6465]]: informally, level =
-round(log10(audioLevel) * 20), with audioLevel 0.0 and values below 127 mapped
to 127.

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