a repo exclusively for security to better manage issues and security considerations for WoT
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WoT Security and Privacy

Github repository of the W3C Web of Things Security and Privacy Task Force to manage cross-cutting security and privacy considerations.

  • References: List of both normative and informative source material.
  • WoT Security and Privacy Considerations: A unified set of informative recommendations for security and privacy in a Web of Things system. Includes a threat model. This is work in progress.
    • The latest stable version can be found here.
    • A "rendered" form of the latest stable version can be found here. This compiles out the complex JavaScript implementing the ReSpec system, making it faster to view and more compatible with a wider range of browsers. However, there may a small delay before it gets updated when the master changes.
    • A working "unstable" version is also available here but has not yet been validated and may have errors. It is also not "compiled" and so may be slow to display (or display with issues) on some broswers.
  • Security Metadata (Strawman): A proposal (still under discussion) for a more general set of security metadata and an associated extension to the TD format to support it. See issues marked "metadata" for discussion points.

If you wish to make a contribution, please be aware that since the master is being linked from other WoT documents we want to keep it as stable as possible and are staging commits through the "working" branch. Issues and pull requests should be made to that branch, not master. Conversely, if you want to see the latest (unstable) version, checkout the "working" branch. Issues should be filed against the working branch and will be closed when updates are released to the master branch.