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W3C specs and API reviews
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W3C TAG Specification Reviews

This repository is for specification reviews by the W3C Technical Architecture Group; usually (but not always) from W3C Working Groups.

How reviews are performed/prioritized

We use the issues list to track our reviews; you can request a review for your spec by adding a new issue. Please include a link to the relevant specification(s). As well, please include info on timeliness of the required review, whether a security review / privacy been done and the expectation of what happens next after the review. We have included a useful template for new issues that should lead you through the process. In most cases the review will be completed and documented in the comments field of the issue itself.

Generally speaking, we will discuss and review in our own issue list and cross-link to relevant issues in the specs we are reviewing. See

More detailed reviews

In some cases we have prepared more detailed review documents in response to request for review. The ones we have prepared thus far are:

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