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Screen Orientation Lock - Draft Feedback


  • the somewhat liberal use of SHOULD in that spec is going to lead to user agents doing bad things. It basically says that UAs are allowed to return bogus orientation values. This will lead to Device Orientation all over again (where UA's returned laughably different values depending on which way one rotates their phone).

  • overloading the lockOrientation() method could just use the "or" operator in WebIDL.

  • The unlockOrientation() and lockOrientation() methods do the same thing. The methods should be merged into a setOrientation() method. Setting the orientation to null or the empty string just returns it to its default. Could also add a "auto" orientation keyword.

  • If the spec can be changed to setOrientation([TreatEmptyStringAs=null] Orientation value), then it should vend a Promise. So then, for example:

setOrientation("portrait").then(showSplashScreen, fail);
setOrientation("landscape").then(showGameMenu, fail); 
//unlock it
  • The allowed orientation values need to be defined as an enum.

  • The spec does not define which task queue to use.

  • The spec treats Screen as extending EventTarget, but Screen is not an EventTarget. Either the spec needs to make Screen and EventTarget or CSSOM View needs to be updated to be an EventTarget.