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w3Develops Social Banner

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Welcome to W3Develops' open source codebase

The w3develops source codebase. Learn to code. Meet new people. Collaborate on more projects

What is W3Develops?

The goal of W3Develops is to provide a simple learning, collaborating, networking website for programmers.

It is not "industry quality", with an emphasis on allowing the novice user to be able to contribute to the code.

It is a work in progress and is not feature complete at this point, however it is usable as an educational tool.

W3Develops has the following constraint:

It's free so resources are sometimes stretched.

Repo Overview

index.html -- -- This File
navigation.html -- 
contributors.html -- 
apply.html -- -- 
js -- 
img -- 
css -- 
dev -- our open source source social network 


Make our own collab challenges
Fix bugs in the code
Refactor the group chat to be simpler
Start live code collabs via atom, vscode, fiddle, etc.
Come up with some labs for adding certain features.
More todos ;)


For the job and internships section, I want to be able to simultaneously search all the job sites listed in our group files. and have filters for the newest jobs, freelance jobs, and filter which sites to search(if you want to search 1,2,3, or more).

I want to have our own messenger that's email like Protonmail and Facebook messenger mixed.

I want a question and answer forum like Quora, Stack Exchange, and freecodecamps forum.

I want users to be able to customize the site and add their own features others can opt in to, kinda like Firefox plugins.

I want the search bar to just be a magnifying glass to the left of the login/sign up button on the navigation bar. I want it to be like the one on, where you click it and then it expands.

I want the search bar to be able to search and and w3develops. with check boxes above the search bar that allow us to search results from just one or from all of those sites in one search.

Courses and roadmaps will be a curated list of courses we have personally tried and succeeded using. Roadmaps are lists of path beginners should follow to reach their path to becoming a professional.

Web technologies will be a link to Mozilla's list of web technologies

We will have a meetup section, for scheduled online meetups and where people can host meetups for their state or territory in their country.

Our team will be the names and pictures of everybody who helped build and maintain the site

References and guides will be like technologies and roadmaps, except instead of just web technologies references it will be all major programming languages and such. Also, the guides will be more about how to use the stuff unlike roadmaps which is just about which path to follow

The sitemap should be the entire site laid out in laymen's terms so people can see how to use it, what it's about and where to go if they're looking for something

I want to make the login page popout like the one on and also allow people to login via GitHub

Tutorials will be websites like, cs50, a nano degree you've taken and can vouch for, and so on.

Practice will be practice projects, where there are 3 tiers of web developer (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the practice projects will reflect their skill level. This is, in essence, a variation of a build to learn project where users are learning through hands-on building(practice), team collaboration, and resources like freecodecamp at the same time.

Projects will be categorized by programming languages and skill level and will be up to the members of our site to create and host on our site for other people to see and collaborate or ask to collaborate on.

Pull requests welcome! Please keep in mind simplicity & teaching over correctness.