Public repo to coordinate the collaboration of teams working in the web3 space.
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This is a public repository to help coordinate our collaboration efforts with teams working in the Web 3 ecosystem. In order to build a better web, the Web3 Foundation will help to coordinate the efforts of teams working towards this common goal. The coordination of efforts will include helping to connect teams, cross-promote the products and protocols, as well as provide strategic grants.

Our view is that the Polkadot platform will play a pivotal role in the Web 3 ecosystem. To get a better idea of how we think about the ecosystem, we invite you to look at our proposed Web 3 tech stack.

About us - Web3 Foundation

For more information about the Web3 Foundation please visit the "About Us" page on our wiki.

How this repo will be used

In this repository, we will facilitate collaboration via issue tracking. Essentially, the problems and ideas which we believe to be important will appear on the issues page. It is also possible for project teams to suggest new ideas: to do so simply create a new issue.

Polkadot ecosystem issues

Here are some of the important issue areas that we would love for the community to collaborate with us on.

Development issues:

  • Build core technology.
  • Test core technology.
  • Create general ecosystem components.

More information on development collaboration can be found in the development collaboration document: development doc

Testing Polkadot

If you want to test our software then there aren't really any requirements, just download and have fun. Obviously, we would greatly appreciate constructive feedback and any heads up on bugs that you might find.

Web3 ecosystem issues

Please see our development collaboration document for further details (once available): development doc

Who we are looking for

The ideal candidates are people who can work in a self-directed manner and are able to manage their own time and resources in order to hit the necessary targets. For meetups, it is possible to do this single-handedly although for larger coding projects we expect teams of multiple members will be typical.

The Web3 Foundation is here to provide guidance and cross-team coordination, and in some cases we will be able to provide funding too.

If these issues are of interest to you then please comment on an open issue, or create a new issue, and provide the relevant information (refer to the submission process guidelines).

Submission process guidelines

To help collaborate with us to build the next generation of the web we would be grateful if you could supply the information listed below about you and your team (where applicable). In cases where funding is also required please add information that pertains the additional points listed below.

Standard Response Template

Below is a template for responding to issues. If you are offering collaboration help then we would appreciate getting to know the key details as clearly as possible. You are free to modify the template to suit your response, but we are aiming for structured correspondence with the community.


  • What is the plan:
  • Number of people on your team:
  • Do you need help from W3F:
  • Do you need help from the community:


If you would like to see some example responses then check out the following document in this repo:

Polkadot Meetups

We plan to have multiple active meetup groups across the world. Find more information on the following doc: Link. You are welcome to note your interest in the issues section of this repo, but we also invite interested people to follow the link (below) to our meetup application form and provide us some basic contact details plus information about the type of meetup you intend to create:

Application Form

Looking for further information?

Real-time conversation

We have Riot channels for real-time discussions on Web3 and Polkadot. Join the conversations.