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Global Polkadot Meetups

We invite people across the globe to organise Polkadot meetups in their local cities.

There is no requirement to contact us, but we think there is a lot to be gained from working together. We are keen to talk with people who can work in a self-directed manner. We envision that meetups will mainly be organised through since this seems to be the defacto standard for creating local meetup groups. The plan is to have multiple active meetup groups across the world.

Create an "Issue" to get started

On the issues page you can see past meetups the community has organized. If you see your city listed then feel free to reply, if you don't see your city listed then feel free to open a new issue (please follow the naming convention being used). This is where you can coordinate with other community members!

Template Issue

  • What is the plan:
  • Number of people on your team:
  • Do you need help from W3F:
  • Do you need help from the community:

To gain a better understanding what of your response should look like, we recommend reading over the examples page:

Response Examples

Apply for funding

Web3 Foundation is committed to supporting organizations of all sizes that engage and expand the Web 3.0 and Polkadot communities. If you are interested in hosting an event or setting up a community organization, you can apply for a grant here.

How to host a Polkadot meetup

We have published a guide on how to host a good meetup, please see here: how to host a meetup

Presentation material

At the moment, most of our presentation material is held privately but we are happy to share with meetup organisers.

  • Polkadot template Presentation: Link
  • Fabian & Rob's presentation: introduction to Polkadot + consensus and finality: Link
  • Edward Thomson's presentation slides that has an intro to W3F and Polkadot. It covers the problems Polkadot is solving, plus there is section on consensus and finality: Link, Video
  • Rob Habermeier's presentation on Interoperability with Polkadot: Link
  • Slides from Gavin Wood's Substrate presentation at EventHorizon18: Link
  • Slides from Gavin Wood's Substrate and Governance presentation at EdCon18: Link
  • Slides from Gavin Wood's Substrate presentation at Web3Summit: Link

Substrate is an example of a Polkadot Runtime Environment that can be used to create blockchains (including parachains).


Meetup videos

Watch previous meetup videos on the Web3 Foundation Youtube.