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Issue Response Template and Examples

As mentioned in this repo's readme, we would appreciate structure feedback to the issues in this repo.

Below is an template that provides an example of how we would like a response. Your reply does not have to perfectly mirror this, and we would be happy to have you expand upon this template if necessary.

Standard Response Template

You are free to modify the template to suit your response, but we are aiming for structured correspondence with the community.


  • What is the plan:
  • Number of people on your team:
  • Do you need help from W3F:
  • Do you need help from the community:

Example Issue Responses

Example 1 - Hosting a Polkadot meetup

Here is an example response to hosting a meetup in Berlin (issue #2)

  • What is the plan: We plan to host a meetup in Berlin. Our target date is late October.
  • How many people: Me plus 1 more (this is to give an indication of the size of the organising team - naturally it is hoped that the event will be popular and have many people. If you can estimate the latter, feel free to indicate this).
  • Do you need help from W3F: It would be great if you could help us market to the whole community. Presentation material would also really help us, so we don't have to create it from scratch. Do you think it would be possible to send a developer to present at one of our meetup events?
  • Do you need help from the community: Nothing at this time, but help with promotion would be great, plus we would love for as many people as possible to attend.

Example 2 - creating an open source block explorer

This is inspired by Emiel's reply to issue #8

  • What is the plan: We have been working on a block explorer for other chains, and now want to create one for Polkadot.
  • How many people: Just me.
  • Do you need help from W3F: Help to engage in discussion with the developers at Parity.
  • Do you need help from the community: Nothing at the moment.
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