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# Polkadot Substrate .NET API

## Project Description

### Brief Description

Polkadot integration .NET API for Substrate allows to read chain information and state, block details, as well as sign and publish transactions in C# or other .NET languages. It also allows to subscribe to substrate node websocket endpoints and receive data updates.

Prior API implementation is done in C++ by our team and it is available here:

### Why .NET API is Good for the Ecosystem

Well documented and maturely designed .NET API will attract great number of Microsoft developers from all over the world to Polkadot Blockchain. .NET Core, which is also included in the development plan, is the borderline between open source community and enterprise applications. Applications created with .NET Core API will be easily portable to larger enterprise solutions.

### How .NET API Integrates into Substrate

Substrate provides secure WebSocket endpoints, which are used directly by .NET API.

### Why our Team is Interested

We see Polkadot as a very promissing technology that will be used for a large number of use cases. It will greatly contribute to adoption of blockchain in powerful applications. It is technically one of the most ambitious blockchain projects we know of, and we would like to be part of the community that's creating it, as well as developing on it once the network goes live. This proposal is the second step after creating C++ API in creating what we hope will be a large Polkadot team. We also have a great team experience in Microsoft technologies.

## Team members
* Alexander Mitrovich
* Greg Zaytsev
* Maksim Styrgin

## Team Website

## Legal Structure
These details will be shared privately via our Google Form.

## Team's experience
Our team members each have more then 15 years of IT experience in managing projects and writing software for product companies and large enterprises alike. We created the Blockchain practice in 2016 and have done dozens of projects for clients across the globe on variety of blochchains, mostly on Ethereum.

## Team Code Repos

## Team LinkedIn Profiles

## Development Roadmap
Project roadmap and financial plan will be shared privately via Google Form.

Long term plans start with developing APIs for all mainstream languages as well as in-depth API improvement. As Polkadot community high level usecases evolve, API will adapt.

Also, our team plans to implement broader spectrum of applications such as

* Decentralized Non-Fungible Token Exchange
* Multi-chain token issuance
* Cross-chain Payment Gateways
* etc.

## Additional Information

### What work has been done so far?

C++ API is delivered. Source code and documentation are available at this public repository:

### Are there any other projects similar to yours? How is our project different?

So far there has only been JavaScript API project:

Other mainstream languages are not yet covered. After C++ API (completed), the next step is to cover C# and then other mainstream languages/stacks such as Python, Java, etc. We believe that having a wide coverage will greatly improve adoption of Polkadot among the software developers.

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