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# Development Collaboration
We welcome developers to engage with us on any development project related to the Web 3 ecosystem, and in particular any development that relates to Polkadot.

## Polkadot ecosystem issues
Here are some of the important issues that we would love for the community to collaborate with us on:

Build Core technology:
* [Write and implement new parachains](
* [Create an alternate implementation of Substrate in another language]( (e.g. C++, Go).
* Create alternate implementations of the Polkadot nodes (validators, collators) in another language (e.g. C++, Go).

Test core technology:
* Test the available code by building nodes: e.g. [PoC2](
* Test the available user interfaces and interact with the network.
* Help to find bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Create general ecosystem components:
* [Create a block explorer](
* [Create a node explorer](
* [Create a wallet](

## Web3 ecosystem issues
The issues in this section will be better defined in the future. However, to gain an understanding of how we view the Web 3 ecosystem we suggest looking at our proposed [tech stack]( We are keen to speak with teams working towards making the [Web 3 vision]( a reality.

## Development requirements
If you would like to develop a new parachain or write an alternative implementation of our software, then we would appreciate if you contacted us and have a chat. While it isn't a strict requirement to contact us, we think there is a lot to be gained from having discussion and working together. The following list is a typical set of requirements that we would like to know about you and your team.

Please provide:

* Name (lead person), plus team members' names (if relevant)
* Send us an email with the relevant members CC'ed
* GitHub links
* LinkedIn profile links
* Brief description of team's background
* Project Name
* Website
* Project description (brief)
* Project plan/roadmap with relevant milestones

If funding is required, please indicate:

* Plan for use of funds
* Total previous project funding

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