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# Example Team

## Project Description
This is an **example** application for a grant programme: **Polkadot Runtime Environment: Alternative Implementation Grant**

We intend to create a C++ implementation of the Polkadot Runtime Environment. More implementations will be better for the Polkadot ecosystem as it builds network resiliency and allows for a wider community fo developers to get involved. We believe that this implmementation will allow a lot of C++ developers to start building parachains.

Our team has followed Polkadot for over a year now, and are active in the chat channels. Needless to say, we are really excited to see this project evolve.

## Team members
* John Smith
* Alice Jones
* Bob Johnson

## Team Website

## Legal Structure
Swiss AG

## Team's experience
* John has X years coding experience. Mostly doing C++. He worked for ABC.
* Alice has...
* Bob has...

We've been a team for 2 years, and....

## Team Code Repos

## Team LinkedIn Profiles

## Intended language of development
* C++

We see that C++ should be competitive with Rust and will attract a lage developer community to use Substrate and Polkadot.

## Development Roadmap
We will require 4 months to complete this project. We intend to hav 2 developers full-time and 1 part-time, at a total cost of $X,000.

Example milestones:
* Implement codec (weeks 0 - 2).
* Implement Trie DB (weeks 2 - 4).
* Implement libp2p in C++ (weeks 5 - 8).
* Implement a Wasm interpeter in C++ (weeks 9 - 12).
* Implement Consensus algorithm (weeks 13 - 15).
* Integrate all parts together and works as intended (weeks 15 - 16).

Ideally, we can receive part payment at the end of each milestone: $X,000 / 6.

We would be willing to consider part payment in DOTs, up to 25%.

We intend to continue supporting our PRE implementation far into the future, and also create parachains with the PRE that we create.

## Additional Information

[In some cases there might be nothing else to add. It could be helpful to link to other documents or websites that you feel would be useful for the application]
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