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Substrate is a product created by Parity Technologies and is Parity's implementation of a Polkadot Runtime Environment. Substrate is a software development framework to build blockchain technologies. Substrate can be used to create standalone blockchains or to build (native) parachains.

Out of the box, Substrate comes with the following parts

  • consensus
  • networking
  • an efficient, deterministic, sandboxed WebAssembly runtime
  • an optional runtime module library that helps you build your runtime at minimal cost

Useful Links



Blogs posts

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Blockchains using Substrate Today

  • Polkadot - Polkadot Relaychain implementation.
  • Shasper - Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain implementation.
  • ChainX - cross-chain digital asset management platform.
  • Edgeware - incentivised testnet for active governance.
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