A CRUD sample application that PlannerFw Exec works as views of PHP MVC Framework
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PlannerFw is an application layer or middleware between server output and result page on web browser with a collection of setting and rules. Main PlannerFw rules are:

(1). PlannerFw transmits JavaScript code through network instead of HTML page code, PlannerFw automatically compile HTML and CSS code to JavaScript functions.

(2). Data and presentation separated rule: There is no response including data model and template contents together, data model and template contents can not be output in one same response.

(3). Presentation rule: Both client and server can assign template or layout template to the result page.

(4). PlannerFw supports JSOM data model and XML data model, which could be retrieved through HTTP/HTTPS and WebSocket/WebSocket Secure, and PlannerFw supports JWT (JSON Web Token) to access data models for authentication and information exchange.


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Project environment

PHP, MySql, Apache, CodeIgniter 2 and up, PlannerFw Exec

Project installation

Point virtual host to public_html folder in Apache setting; Set empty string to values of $config['base_url'] and $config['index_page'] in application/config/config.php; Set database connection properties in application/config/database.php; Import ddl_dml.sql to MySql;

This project includes PlannerFw Exec already, if you want to create new templates or update existed templates for this project, you have to download Community Edition from http://w3plan.net/, release it, copy pfdevelop folder to the folder of this project, then set value to siteRootPath in pfdevelop/preprocessor/pfwatch.json

Documentation and help

PlannerFw documentation: http://w3plan.net/customer/plannerfw

General inquiries and feedback: contact@w3plan.net

Purchase and licensing inquiries: sales@w3plan.net

Send question tickets: http://w3plan.net/support/index