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Benjamin West edited this page Mar 19, 2023 · 9 revisions

Welcome to the wiki site of fluffy-octo-telegram. A play about with django on k8s and various other things.

This is currently the area my rough notes / dumps of commands used etc. which will document what needs automating as time goes on.

There is a runbook for getting Minikube up and running.

The app deployment / pipeline deployment / testing runbook is Here.

The operations handbook also has some info for those interested in the run aspects of the cluster:

  • Observability (including logging)
  • Alerting
  • Cluster flows

Kubernetes architecture

There are quite a few parts to this so here is a picture of what gets built today: Kubernetes cluster architecture miro export dated 20230319 Apologies for the low-res miro export!

As the projects goals change often depending on what I want to learn, there is no end game architecture diagram much like in the real world as client requirements or priorities shift over time.

The kanban board

App feature ideas, infra ideas / issues all over here


Local cluster links

Only work if you have played the Minikube and Testing runbooks and all was well.

Links to documentation