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Aug 14, 2012
David Rosca Asking whether to close window everytime it makes sense.
- you will be asked even when you have set "Restore session"
  and you are closing second+ window that won't be restored

closes #501
David Rosca Merge pull request #507 from w41l/master
Updated Indonesian translations.
David Rosca Fixed left margin in websearchbar after RTL commits.
- also added Seyyed Razi Alavizadeh into authors
David Rosca "Save x as..." will always show file dialog.
closes #471
Aug 15, 2012
Update Traditional Chinses Translations c623fa3
David Rosca Merge pull request #508 from stuarch/master
Update Traditional Chinese Translations
Aug 16, 2012
David Rosca Preferences: Remember last selected section. 064fa19
David Rosca Backend support for setting per-domain UserAgent.
see #399
Aug 17, 2012
David Rosca Updated translations e06b82e
David Rosca Preferences: Save last page even when closing preferences with "Cancel" a6564b5
David Rosca New User Agent Manager allows setting per-site User Agents.
closes #399
Aug 18, 2012
srazi [Windows only] Action 'Open Folder' in downoad manager opens folder a…
…nd selects file.
David Rosca Merge pull request #510 from srazi/master
Select downloaded file when opening its folder [Windows only]
srazi Added RTL support to internal pages. 552fbbc
Mladen Serbian translations update 07c107d
Jonathan Hooverman Updated German translation a9880ff
Aug 19, 2012
David Rosca Merge branch 'master' of git:// fe0e327
David Rosca Moved WebPage::applyDirectionToPage into globalfunctions.h c0b04f6
Aug 20, 2012
David Rosca Merge pull request #516 from srazi/master
Some improvment about `fullscreen`, `blur background` and `add tab button`.
Aug 21, 2012
srazi Fixed visibility of navigationbar when app. is fullscreen. 551498f
srazi In Windows transparent background must be disabled when app. is fulls…
srazi Fixed 'QtWin' bug about changing of desktop composition state. dbcbabd
srazi Fixed problem about location of 'm_buttonAddTab' when there are lots …
…of tabs opened.
David Rosca Setting min-width to #box in all internal pages a6fa9b8
David Rosca Updated translations 0b6bc74
David Rosca New Restore Session GUI - allows choosing to/not to restore each tab
- added as new qupzilla:restore page
- thanks a lot for work by Franz Fellner

closes #515
alexandre596 Updated Translation 7115c22
Aug 22, 2012
David Rosca Don't close additionally opened tabs when restoring session
- if user opens app after crash, he will get 1 tab asking him
  about restoring a session
  if user opens another tabs and later decides to restore session,
  new opened tabs won't be closed

Patch by Franz Fellner
David Rosca Merge pull request #519 from alexandre596/master
Updated Translation
srazi The 'bookmarkswidget' was improved. 7e7f914
David Rosca Merge pull request #521 from srazi/master
A new bookmarkswidget
David Rosca Added new google icon. 59824f2
Aug 23, 2012
srazi Fixed, accesskeys don't hide when page is scrolled without mouse wheel. 413e61e
srazi Improved, `AKN_Handler` handles pressed key case-insensitive if it's …
David Rosca Fixed hiding access keys when scrolling page with scrollbars bae437e
David Rosca Fixed compilation warning 3cb1477
David Rosca Moved scheme handlers into own directory network/schemehandlers 8d2391d
David Rosca Using prepare SQL statements everywhere it is needed. 5ca2e2d
David Rosca Moved fileSizeToString into qz_ function 60ae2c1
David Rosca Try to return active window in MainApplication::getWindow 983df81
David Rosca Updated translations e965363
David Rosca Added support for listing directories with file: scheme
closes #435
David Rosca Don't show size of folders in directory listing.
- updated CHANGELOG
Aug 24, 2012
David Rosca FileSchemeHandler: Don't list "empty folder" if file url is invalid
- instead show just "Content not found" error
David Rosca Fixed width of combo box in Add User Agent dialog.
closes #523
srazi Fixed Compile error! 44f3b96
David Rosca Merge pull request #525 from srazi/master
Fixed compile error about accessing private assignment's operator of QFileIconProvider
David Rosca Regression: Fixed restoring sessions with pinned tabs.
- it was opening & restoring tabs in new window
David Rosca New option to show loading progress in address bar.
- enable it in Preferences -> Tabs -> Address Bar
- patch by Franz Fellner

closes #236
Aug 25, 2012
Jonathan Hooverman Updated German translation 5357795
David Rosca Updated translations bca8d9b
David Rosca Smarter address bar completer now shows better search results
- thanks to Franz Fellner

closes #506
David Rosca Highlighting search text in address bar completer f2c5a7a
Jonathan Hooverman Updated German translation 92fcc9d
Aug 27, 2012
David Rosca Updated contributors and translators list in About dialog. 68ffa49
David Rosca Merge branch 'master' of f0fb14c
David Rosca Updated translations 8a859a9
David Rosca New option to hide close button on tabs
closes #526
David Rosca Hiding close buttons when there is not enough space in tabbar
- to partially prevent overflowing tabs into tab buttons
- it is now possible to show 24 tabs in tabbar in
  640*480 window without overflowing

closes #527
David Rosca Fixed navigation keys not working right after closing search bar
- keys PageUp, PageDown, Space and arrows

closes #530
alexandre596 Update translation c76a785
David Rosca Merge pull request #531 from alexandre596/master
Updated PT_BR translation
Aug 28, 2012
srazi The Persian translation was updated. 1b234c8
David Rosca Merge pull request #532 from srazi/master
Updated, Persian translation.
David Rosca Fixed close buttons on tabs not working after recent commit.
closes #533
Daiki Noda Japanese language file updpated.
Japanese language file updpated.
David Rosca Merge pull request #536 from sys9kdr/master
Japanese language file updpated.
Aug 29, 2012
David Rosca Updated italian translation
- thanks to Francesco Marinucci
David Rosca Merge branch 'master' of 3e85b04
Aug 30, 2012
srazi Fixed conflict between blur background and Adobe PDF plugins on Windows. 2861f4d
Peter Vacula Update Slovak translation bbe74f9
David Rosca Merge pull request #542 from Mikino89/master
Update Slovak translation
David Rosca Merge pull request #540 from srazi/master
The bug about Windows blur effect and PDF plugins was fixed.
David Rosca Merge branch 'master' of d1d8376
Aug 31, 2012
David Rosca Updated coding style cf2c28c
David Rosca Disabling touch mocking on Google sites.
- fixes issue with Google maps with menu not hiding

closes #545
David Rosca Search suggestions in address bar now take into account hit count too
thanks to Franz Fellner
Sep 01, 2012
David Rosca Fixed small bug with domain matching
- won't be matched by anymore
- fixes ||^ AdBlock rule matching anything from
David Rosca Enabling sorting for Table/Tree Widgets everywhere. 9f376ac
David Rosca LocationCompleter: Painting underline manually looks better than by Qt
- QFont::Underline is ugly with graphicssystem raster
- also fixed issue when not all parts of text was highlighted as they
  should be
David Rosca Added option to start new instance of browser with --no-remote option
- however, new instance cannot be started for default profile

closes #541
David Rosca LocationCompleter: Another improvements and fixes.
- draw 1px line for fonts smaller than 9pt
David Rosca Removed explicit setting of font size to 8pt from previous commit.
- mistake ...
David Rosca LocationCompleter: Draw light line at the bottom of item
- also space between title and link is now 2px bigger because
  of underlining
Sep 02, 2012
David Rosca Coding style: Use empty QString() constructor instead of "" everywhere b2181f0
David Rosca Fixed width of pinned tabs on all Qt styles.
closes #518
David Rosca Fixed showing close buttons on pinned tabs.
- regression from 1e5b7d9
David Rosca LocationCompleter: Bookmarks results are now ordered by count ec70c7d
David Rosca LocationCompleter: Sort also results from bookmarks by count
- bookmarks get +10 count because bookmarks gets count only
  from location completer and bookmakrs manager/sidebar
  but history entries gets count also from navigating through
  webpages (eg. click on link, redirect, ...)
David Rosca BookmarksSideBar: Get focus to search line when opening sidebar
- also addeed support for opening bookmarks with Enter
   * Enter - opens bookmark in current tab
   * Ctrl + Enter - opens bookmark in new tab
Widya Walesa Updated Indonesian translations 1d2e22d