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Thetis beta releases

Official Releases are located at

Latest Beta Release v2.6.2 December 11, 2018

2.6.2 (2018-12-11)

  • transverter T/R relay bug fixed

2.6.1 (2018-12-10)

  • Added control for BYPS-EXT1-XVTR RX ANT for 7000DLE
  • VAC2 can be used for TX Audio when in Split mode

2.6.0 (2018-4-10)

  • added diagnostic LED array
  • divided open collector controls into 3 groups (HF-VHF-SWL)
  • bug fix for step tune using MIDI

2.5.9 (2018-3-29)

  • changed "MDECAY" constant to 0.99 in netInterface.c
  • added 2Hz step tune choice
  • corrected duplicate db import dialogs
  • modified behavior of sequence errors so that sequence errors are ignored for seq 0
  • changes to VAC includes tooltips for various controls, fix for the Output Ringbuffer latency Monitor control not working, and added the ability to reset the diagnostics
  • forced BPF1 into ByPass during transmit if PureSignal is enabled for Orion MkII boards only

2.5.8 (2018-3-25)

  • changed "MDECAY" constant to 0.9 in netInterface.c
  • fixes for VFO A&B Lock
  • NB/NB2 is turned OFF while transmitting when DUP is enabled
  • Added 2kHz Tune Step
  • Changed ANF behavior so that it is disabled when in CW mode
  • Removed the 750Hz CW filter and added a 150Hz CW filter
  • Increased display buffer to support larger than 4k displays

2.5.7 (2018-3-25)

  • spectrum roll-off adjusted to clip 4%
  • calls to PeakFwdPower(…) and PeakRevPower(…) moved from netInterface.c to network.c
  • skin graphics added for chkRxAnt and chkVFOBLock controls

2.5.6 (2018-3-25)

  • added MIDI/CAT updates
  • added independent VFO Locks

2.5.5 (2018-3-24)

  • added support for ANAN-7000DLE
  • added 'Rx Ant' support

2.5.4 (2018-3-22)

  • added Audio Adaptive Variable Resampler with monitor tools
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