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Latest Release v3.4.9 March 19, 2018

Read the for more information.

3.4.9 (2018-3-19)

  • Bug fix for manually entering frequency

3.4.8 (2018-3-17)

  • Creates new wisdom file for each folder when using the -datapath command
  • Bug fix for Behringer mini-wheels mapping issue when mapping AGC gain
  • Added support for mapping drive level to a Behringer mini-wheel
  • Added Panafall display for RX2
  • Corrected a resizing problem when enabling RX2
  • NB/NB2 is turned OFF while transmitting when DUP is enabled
  • Added 2kHz Tune Step
  • Changed ANF behavior so that it is disabled when in CW mode
  • Removed the 750Hz CW filter and added a 150Hz CW filter (requires database reset to update)
  • Added an Audio Adaptive Variable Resampler with monitor tools
  • Increased display buffer to support larger than 4k displays
  • Added separate VFO Lock controls for VFOA and VFOB. New VFO Lock button will require additional skin files to operate correctly.
  • Added several CAT Commands. (see ReleaseNotes for details)
  • Added a dropped packet ("OOOPs") counter that measures the number of dropped receive packets from radio to PC. This may be useful in identifying problems with network setup.
  • fixed bug in CAT Command ZZPT## to change TXProfiles in different modes
  • Updated CAT Commands documentation. Found in the Documentation/Radio folder

3.4.7 (2017-12-22)

  • Control added to force the LPF to the 6m/ByPass position during receive. Filters must be under manual control to use. (Setup=>General=>Ant/Filters=>LPF, HPF/LPF, BPF1)
  • VFO Lock correctly locks VFOA and VFOB.
  • TX Amplitude scaling added to waterfall display. (Setup=>Display=>TX)

3.4.6 (2017-11-20)

  • Corrected problem with blank waterfall display in Panafall mode.

3.4.5 (2017-11-20)

  • Bug fix for .NET unhandled exception error when starting without radio online.

3.4.4 (2017-11-19)

  • Added MIDI CAT support for the Behringer CMD Studio 2a
  • Added support for the ANAN-7000DLE transceiver
  • Added feature to select between receive or transmit antenna for receiving
  • Use of seperate TX Profiles for various modes.
    • FM
    • AM & SAM
    • DIGL & DIGU
  • PRO Latency feature added.

3.4.2 (2017-7-5)

  • CTUN has had several modifications and bug fixes.
  • Band Stacks have been increased to 5 deep for each band.
  • CW Filters are now being saved correctly.

3.4.1 (2017-6-1)

  • Swapped places with XIT and RIT controls on the console.
  • Added 4 CAT Commands
  • ZZAP Audio Peak Filter On/Off
  • ZZAT APF Tune
  • ZZAB APB Bandwidth
  • ZZAA APF Gain
  • Corrected compatibility issue with N1MM+ and FocusMaster.
  • relabeled the 'CW Break-In' feature from 'Enabled' to 'Semi Break-In' to better describe the actual behavior. Toggles between Full Break-In and Semi Break-In.
  • Single side-band Full Carrier (SSBFC)
  • Continuous Frequency Compressor (CFC) audio tools
  • Database enhancements allowing importing old databases
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