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Remotely monitoring the inside and outside lights, temperature, thermostat settings and more is all possible with retail products. All the products that I investigated required me to "create a relationship" with a website provided by the vendor, and to configure the system in my house to update their website with the state of my house, and to accept remote control commands from their website.

I am simply not willing to provide any vendor with that much information about myself and my house. The only value they provide for me is to forward that information on to me when I am not in the house. Instead, there are secure ways of getting home automation information directly between me and my smartphone or PC and my house without having to trust a third party.

Security Risks
A Solution
Screen Shot
Getting Started
Easy Way
Diysha for TurnKeyLinux
One Time Password
Security Review
Configuration Details
Router Setup
Webcam Support
Insteon Support
Always Available Server
Isolating Foreign Network Devices

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