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WatchersNET.SiteMap - A Modern SiteMap / TreeView Module and Skin Object for DNNe®


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WatchersNET.SiteMap - A Modern SiteMap / TreeView Module and Skin Object for DNN®



Back in the old days, almost every web site had a sitemap where they listed out all the pages. The purpose of the sitemap is to help visitors and search engine spiders to find information on the site.

Now, a lot of modern websites have dropped the sitemap page, instead they place the sitemap in the footer area.

This Module/Skin Object Creates a SiteMap that looks like such footer SiteMap, but of course it can be placed anywhere on your Website. There a many pre-installed Skins, which changes the look of the SiteMap.

The Module/Skin Object also can Render the SiteMap as a TreeView (With Skin Support & Animations)


  • SiteMap available as Module and Skin Object
  • Very Light Weight
  • Skin Support (Contains 9 Normal Skins, and 10 TreeView Skins)
  • There are two Render Modes : Normal and as TreeView*
  • Option to Show only Sub Links from Current Tab
  • Simply excluding of Tabs
  • Show / Hide Tab Hidden Tabs
  • Show / Hide Tab Icons
  • Define a Default Tab Icon
  • Shows links based on visitor's authorized permission level
  • Full Language Localization
  • Generates Human Friendly URLs
  • IPortable Support (Easy Import/Export of Settings)
  • Option to Set Maximum Sublevels
  • Demo Modus (Shows Skin Selector above the SiteMap)
  • Filter Tabs By Taxonomy Tags (Terms from Current Page, All Terms from All Vacabularies, From Selected Vocabularies and from Selected Terms)

Extra TreeView Options

  • Animation: Sets the animation speed for Expanding/Collapsing of Child Tabs.
  • Valid values are one of the strings "slow", "normal", "fast".
  • Collapse: Sets whether all nodes should be collapsed by default
  • Unique: Sets whether only one tree node can be open at any time, collapsing any previous open nodes.
  • Persist: Persists the tree's expand/collapse state in one of two ways: ** "location" - looks within all tree nodes with link anchors that match the document's current URL (location.href), and if found, expands that node (including its parent nodes). Great for href-based state saving. ** "cookie" - Saves the current state of the tree on each click to a cookie and restores that state on page load.

Option to Set Start Level

  • Root : Shows All Tabs
  • Parent : Shows All Tabs From the Current Tabs Level Parent - If No Parent Tabs available it Renders from Root
  • Current: Shows All Tabs In the Current Level
  • Children: Shows All Child Tabs From The Current Tab - If No Child Tabs available it Renders from Root)
  • Custom: Shows all Tabs in The Current level based on the selected Tab