Open Source 3D Game Engine Written in C++
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The big strength of the Brute-Force Game Engine lies in the combination of
powerful open source third party libraries. Our target is to connect these libs
and build new higher-level functionality on top of them, but we don't want to
beautify or wrap them.

Out of this purpose the engine sometimes allows direct control over several
third party resources like OGRE, so that the user gains a lot of control and
may use many cool features, but he also has to master the burden of many
dependencies which may soon become a maintainers nightmare.

The more dependencies a project has, the higher is the likelihood that it could
break. It could constrain the future progress in features, could make interface
changes or porting to other platforms difficult or even impossible. This is
indeed one of the biggest problems we are dealing with.

We have the highest ambitions to build stable interfaces and robust source
code, but if you want to use our engine, prepare yourself that your code will
break from time to time, because the engine is simply not done yet. We would
never advice you to wrap our engine though, as this is entirely pointless.

This engine is written with multi-platform support in mind. Currently we
actively support Windows and Linux, but we'd like to see the engine running on
MacOS as well. We're looking forward to find some motivated Mac developers!

In near future we have two main goals:

- Implementation of network
- Stabilization of multi processor scalability

The current state of these features is highly experimental.

We invested a lot of time in this engine, so we hope you have fun using our
code and maybe somebody can learn something from it.


* Read the instructions within the COMPILE file, you won't be able to build the
  engine without them.

* For more information visit:

* You may start by looking at our tutorials and demos.