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How to contribute

Coding convention

This plugin follows CakePHP coding convention.

A PHPCodeSniffer coding standard for CakePHP is available here.
Please make sure the code is valid with phpcs --standard=CakePHP YOURFILES before sending a pull request.


Development workflow

My development workflow make use of grunt watch plugin, that will run phpunit automatically after each file save. Grunt is also used to generate the test coverage.

Unit Tests

All pull request should not break existing tests. You're more than welcome to write additional tests. There is a grunt task to run the tests :

grunt caketest

Without grunt, just run :

cake test CakeResque AllCakeResque

Or you can also run tests after each file edition :

grunt watch	

Test coverage

Use the coverage grunt task to generate code coverage.

grunt coverage

Without grunt, use :

cake test CakeResque AllCakeResque --configuration Test/phpunit.xml

Fix the path to phpunit.xml depending on your current directory.

The coverage reports is in build/coverage/index.html.


You can also contribute to website documentation. All files are located in the doc folder, on the gh-pages branche.

There's one folder for each language. As of now, only english and french are available.

Documentation uses the [Markdown Extra( syntax, mixed with some html.