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Library for CYWM6935, derived from
C++ Java
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examples/CypressTest Remove extranous pinMode setting for SPI_SS since SPI.begin does it.
CYWM6935.cpp Revet RSSI mask 0x0F change; missing bit was due to wrong bus speed.
CYWM6935.h Added RSSI_peak and RSSI_avg functions.


CYWM6935 Arduino Library

This package is a Cypress CYWM6935 library from the Arduino.

It was extracted from


Read about installation from the LadyAda Arduino Tutorial What Are Libraries.

Major changes

  • Changed init and RSSI sequences to match Cypress application note
  • Added RSSI_peak and RSS_average
  • Included example
  • Did not include sketches and LCD code from ulrichard
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