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Your Priorities Version 6

Live server

To run

# Git clone with the Active Citizen submodule library
git clone
cd your-priorities-app
git submodule init
git submodule update

# In app root folder
npm install
cd client_app
bower install (make sure to always select the packages required by your-priorities-app)

cp server_api/config/config.json.dist server_api/config/config.json
vi server_api/config/config.json # Add information about an empty postgres database


Go to localhost:4242 in your browser

Create an user and give it admin privileges by running the following command in the root of the app

node server_api/scripts/setAdminOnAll.js

You need to set the ENV var REDIS_URL to point to your local redis installation with URL format like redis://user:pwd@hostname:port

Bunyan is used for logging into JSON, which is great for feeding for example into Elastic Search for analytic - The log is piped to STDOUT so you need to pipe it into a file > /var/log/yrpri.log

To build a client_dist production folder with vulcanized web components

npm install polymer-cli
cd client_app

For production mode you need to supply the URL to the database as an ENV variable


For production please define SESSION_SECRET=somethingrandomandlong

Email Support

For SMTP support define SMTP_SERVER, SMTP_USERNAME, SMTP_PASSWORD and SMTP_PORT. We assume security through STARTTLS negotiation.

When using Heroku SENDGRID_USERNAME, and SENDGRID_PASSWORD need to be defined.

Running behind another web server

If you are running behind a web server like nginx and want to disable production to force https, you can define an ENV variable as DISABLE_FORCE_HTTPS=1

Also if you are running behind nginx you want to add the following to your config: proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto https;

For S3 Image Upload

# To run with image upload to S3 enabled

You will need to have the imagemagick package installed.

Your Priorities uses Active Citizen

Active Citizen is an open source library, API and UI for activity streams and notifications 
using machine learning to recommend content to users.

Your Priorities user help

Here are basic user instructions.

User Instructions

Active Citizen PredictionIO recommendations (optional)

Install PredictionIO

Install Universal Recommendation

Import your data with the Active Citizen events_importer script (if you already have some data)

train the template
deploy the template and

Here is a Dockerfile that can either be used to build a Docker container with PredictionIO 
and Universal Recommendation or as a recipe for building your own non-Docker Ubuntu/Debian 
based predictionIO VM on any cloud or locally.

Active Citizen Tensorflow Classifications (experimental)

Install TensorFlow

The python classifier scripts are in active-citizen/engine/classifications

The export files for Your Priorities content are in active-citizen/exporters

Currently you need to use the exporters to generate datasets for the TensorFlow python scripts

Example dataset from our Better Reykjavik citizen particiaption website is provided in

Translation help

If you want to help us translate the app to your language please use Trensifex for online 
translation for the app. It's easy to use and free for open source projects. See instructions 
in the link below.

Transifex translation help

Developed by the non-profit Citizens Foundation Iceland

Our mission is to bring people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas 
to improve their communities.

Other live servers

The Team

  • Robert Bjarnason
  • Guðný Maren Valsdóttir
  • Gunnar Grímsson
  • Nathalie Stembert
  • Alexander Máni Gautason

With help from

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