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A versatile IRC bouncer.


  • Python3.5
  • Pip3.5


  • Install dependencies:

    [sudo] pip3.5 install -r requirements.txt

  • Copy and extend

    ircb/config/, as needed, to a custom location. say, /etc/ircb/

  • [OPTIONAL] export IRCB_SETTINGS=<path to your custom settings file>

  • Install the project as a development dep

    python3.5 develop

Setup for development

  • Install system dependencies:

    sudo dnf install python3-devel openssl-devel redis

    sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper

  • Make python3 virtualenv:

    mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3 python3

  • Activate virtualenv:

    workon python3

  • Install dependencies:

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt

  • Install the project as development dep:

    python3.5 develop

  • Make sure REDIS is running:

    sudo systemctl start redis.service

  • Now, you need to run ircb stores:

    ircb run stores

Continue with Setting up data

Setting up data

  • Creating a user:

    ircb users create USERNAME EMAIL [PASSWORD]
  • Creating a network for a user:

    ircb networks create USER NETWORK_NAME HOST PORT NICK

    You'll get an access token as an output of the above. Use this as server password when configuring your IRC client to connect to ircb.

Running the app


sudo ircb run allinone

Note: If you are using virtualenv sudo will not work this way, you need to run:

sudo ~/.virtualenvs/python3/bin/ircb run allinone


You can run the various components of ircb: stores, bouncers as different processes.

  • Run stores as a different process: ircb run stores
  • Run bouncer: ircb run bouncer
  • Run web server: ircb run web
  • Run identd server: sudo ircb run identd

Connecting for IRC client

Now, you should be able to connect to ircb from your IRC client at:

  • host/port: localhost/9000

  • server password: <your network access token>

  • IRC client should have the following settings enabled:

    • Use SSL for all server on this network
    • Accept invalid SSL certificate

Configure HexChat

  • Go to HexChat -> Network List

  • Change the nick to the nick you have given while configuring network

  • Under Network Click Add and name the server ircb

  • Click on Edit then Add and type localhost/9000

  • Under Server tab check the SSL option mentioned above

  • Enter the Server Password in Password field

  • Close the dialog box and then connect to the network

Note: In case the problem persist try to restart ircb server


A versatile IRC bouncer for humans







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