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Simple app to tell you where there is uber
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Is there Uber In?

Build Status

Siri Shortcut

Check if there is an uber in the city/country you input

Also checks for a lot more providers. Full list here

Run Locally

yarn # npm install
yarn dev # npm run dev



As someone who travels a lot this is something I kept googling when going to a city.

Why is my city here when it doesn't have uber?

I'm sorry I broke your heart but I get all of this data from the uber website here: because they don't have an API for this so the website is know to be out of date. If this happens please don't yell. You can remove the city here or create an issue but be nice about it.

I want to add a provider

Dope! If you don't have experience with programming please create an issue with either the link to a place I can get all the cities or just a list of all the cities and I will add it :)

If you have some experience there is a file here you can fill in that will create a new file with all that data so I can merge and push to algolia. There is also a file with the appStore links that would be great if you could add too as well. If there is no apps don't worry it will default to no link.

To run the node file go to the terminal and type:

node data/newProvider.js

I tried to run it and it breaks on my machine

There are some problems with the module osmosis in some versions of node so if you don't plan on going to scrape the web please remove it from the dependencies and try again. I will try to change the module for scrapping to avoid this.

Can I use your data?

Sure! But unfortunately this is on a free algolia thingy so I can't promise any uptime :( You can also use my files if you want.

Here is the info:

read only key: e930d02e3899db88f80b01a000521d56
index-name: cities

Built With

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Emotion
  • react-confetti
  • Algolia


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Sara Vieira

💻 🤔

Mehdi Achour


João Alves


Stratos Iordanidis


Alex Jover


Bruno Ukita






Eli Schutze


Erdi Köse


Eunjae Lee


Federico Brigante


Luke Bonaccorsi


Nick Barry


Nicolas Goutay


Renato Ribeiro


Sarah Dayan


Elizabet Oliveira

💻 🎨 🤔

JuanJo Martínez


Maher Alkendi


Renan Cunha


Zhigang Fang

💻 🔌

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

License: MIT

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