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git integration and issue discussion #7

vicary opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants


This is actually very neat to use, love it.

We have a few projects versioning on private git servers, do you guys have plans that kinda integrates git commits / logs in it?

This also implies comment-like stack for each issues, which is also very handy when working with a team.


I would like to add the ability to comment on issues as a core feature. Most likely this would take the form of issue mentions, so any chat message that mentions an issue by id can be seen within the context of an issue (perhaps by clicking "details" or something).

I'm more reluctant about git integration as a core feature. Would be great as a plugin or optional module, though.


Yeah, issue discussion would be great.


Git integration would be freackin' nice too (even as a plugin or module).


The next major release will have better support for plugins like this. We're planning to rewrite a lot of the internals. Unfortunately, no eta.


I guess I should hold the codings on my local fork until then.

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