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BitShares delegate tools

The BTS Tools will help you build, run and monitor any Graphene-based client (currently BitShares, Steem, Muse, PeerPlays).

There are 2 tools currently provided:

  • command line utility allowing to quickly build and run any graphene-based client
  • web application allowing to monitor a running instance of the client and send an email or push notification on failure

If you like these tools, please vote for witness wackou on the Steem, BitShares and Muse networks. Thanks!


The main documentation for the tools, as well as a tutorial, can be found on ReadTheDocs.

Command-line client

just run the bts script with the command you want to execute:

$ bts -h
usage: bts [-h] [-p PIDFILE] [-f]
           [environment] [args [args ...]]

following commands are available:
  - version                : show version of the tools
  - clean_homedir          : clean home directory. WARNING: this will delete your wallet!
  - save_blockchain_dir    : save a snapshot of the current state of the blockchain
  - restore_blockchain_dir : restore a snapshot of the current state of the blockchain
  - clean                  : clean build directory
  - build                  : update and build bts client
  - build_gui              : update and build bts gui client
  - run                    : run latest compiled bts client, or the one with the given hash or tag
  - run_cli                : run latest compiled bts cli wallet
  - run_gui                : run latest compiled bts gui client
  - list                   : list installed bts client binaries
  - monitor                : run the monitoring web app
  - deploy                 : deploy built binaries to a remote server
  - deploy_node            : full deploy of a seed or witness node on given ip address. Needs ssh root access

  $ bts build                 # build the latest bts client by default
  $ bts build v0.4.27         # build specific version
  $ bts build ppy-dev v0.1.8  # build a specific client/version
  $ bts run                   # run the latest compiled client by default
  $ bts run seed-test         # clients are defined in the config.yaml file

  $ bts build_gui   # FIXME: broken...
  $ bts run_gui     # FIXME: broken...

positional arguments:
                        the command to run
  environment           the build/run environment (bts, steem, ...)
  args                  additional arguments to be passed to the given command

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PIDFILE, --pidfile PIDFILE
                        filename in which to write PID of child process
  -f, --forward-signals
                        forward unix signals to spawned witness client child process

You should also look into ~/.bts_tools/config.yaml to tune it to your liking.

Monitoring web app

To run the debug/development monitoring web app, just do the following:

$ bts monitor

and it will launch on localhost:5000.

For production deployments, it is recommended to put it behind a WSGI server, in which case the entry point is bts_tools.wsgi:application.

Do not forget to edit the ~/.bts_tools/config.yaml file to configure it to suit your needs.


You can see a live instance of the bts tools monitoring the state of the seed nodes I am making available for the BitShares, Muse and Steem networks here: