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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# bts_tools - Tools to easily manage the bitshares client
# Copyright (c) 2014 Nicolas Wack <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
from . import core
from .core import hashabledict
from .feed_providers import FeedPrice, FeedSet
from .feed_publish import publish_bts_feed, publish_steem_feed, BitSharesFeedControl
from collections import deque
from contextlib import suppress
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor, as_completed
import threading
import itertools
import statistics
import json
import pendulum
import re
import logging
import math
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
"""BitAssets for which we check and publish feeds."""
FIAT_ASSETS = {'USD', 'CNY', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'CAD', 'CHF', 'HKD', 'MXN', 'RUB', 'SEK', 'SGD',
'AUD', 'TRY', 'KRW', 'JPY', 'NZD', 'ARS'}
"""List of feeds that should be shown on the UI and in the logs. Note that we
always check and publish all feeds, regardless of this variable."""
cfg = None
history_len = None
price_history = None
feeds = {}
feed_control = None
#nfeed_checked = 0
#visible_feeds = DEFAULT_VISIBLE_FEEDS
def load_feeds():
global cfg, history_len, price_history, visible_feeds, feed_control
cfg = core.config['monitoring']['feeds']
history_len = int(cfg['median_time_span'] / cfg['check_time_interval'])
price_history = {cur: deque(maxlen=history_len) for cur in BIT_ASSETS}
visible_feeds = cfg['bts'].get('visible_feeds', DEFAULT_VISIBLE_FEEDS)
feed_control = BitSharesFeedControl(cfg=cfg, visible_feeds=visible_feeds)
def get_multi_feeds(func, args, providers, stddev_tolerance=None):
result = FeedSet()
provider_list = []
def get_price(pargs):
args, provider = pargs
return provider, args, getattr(provider, func)(*args)
with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=4) as e:
for f in [e.submit(get_price, pargs)
for pargs in itertools.product(args, providers)]:
with suppress(Exception):
provider, args, price = f.result()
return result
def _fetch_feeds(node, cfg):
result = FeedSet()
feed_providers = core.get_plugin_dict('bts_tools.feed_providers')
def get_price(asset, base, provider):
#log.warning('get_price {}/{} at {}'.format(asset, base, provider))
return provider.get(asset, base)
def get_price_multi(asset_list, base, provider):
#log.warning('get_price_multi {}/{} at {}'.format(asset_list, base, provider))
return provider.get_all(asset_list, base)
def get_price_with_node(asset, base, provider, node):
#log.warning('get_price_with_node {}/{} at {}, node = {}'.format(asset, base, provider, node))
return provider.get(asset, base, node)
with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=6) as e:
futures = {}
for asset, base, providers in cfg['markets']:
if isinstance(providers, str):
providers = [providers]
for provider in providers:
if getattr(feed_providers[provider], 'REQUIRES_NODE', False) is True:
futures[e.submit(get_price_with_node, asset, base, feed_providers[provider], node)] = [asset, base, provider]
elif isinstance(asset, str):
futures[e.submit(get_price, asset, base, feed_providers[provider])] = [asset, base, provider]
# asset is an asset_list
futures[e.submit(get_price_multi, asset, base, feed_providers[provider])] = [asset, base, provider]
# futures = {e.submit(get_price, asset, base, feed_providers[provider])
# if isinstance(asset, str)
# else e.submit(get_price_multi, asset, base, feed_providers[provider]): [asset, base, provider]
# for asset, base, provider in cfg['markets']}
for f in as_completed(futures):
asset, base, provider = futures[f]
feeds = f.result()
if isinstance(feeds, FeedPrice):
feeds = FeedSet([feeds])
result += feeds
log.debug('Provider {} got feeds: {}'.format(provider, feeds))
except Exception as e:
log.warning('Could not fetch {}/{} on {}: {}'.format(asset, base, provider, e))
return result
def _apply_rules(node, cfg, result):
publish_list = [] # list of (asset, base) that need to be published
def mkt(market_pair):
return tuple(market_pair.split('/'))
def execute_rule(rule, *args):
if rule == 'compose':
log.debug('composing {} with {}'.format(args[0], args[1]))
(market1_asset, market1_base), (market2_asset, market2_base) = mkt(args[0]), mkt(args[1])
if market1_base != market2_asset:
raise ValueError('`base` in first market {}/{} is not the same as `asset` in second market {}/{}'
.format(market1_asset, market1_base, market2_asset, market2_base))
p1 = result.price(market1_asset, market1_base)
p2 = result.price(market2_asset, market2_base)
if p1 is None:
raise core.NoFeedData('No feed for market {}/{}'.format(market1_asset, market1_base))
if p2 is None:
raise core.NoFeedData('No feed for market {}/{}'.format(market2_asset, market2_base))
r = FeedPrice(price=p1 * p2, asset=market1_asset, base=market2_base)
elif rule == 'invert':
log.debug('inverting {}'.format(args[0]))
asset, base = mkt(args[0])
r = FeedPrice(price=1 / result.price(asset, base),
asset=base, base=asset,
# volume=volume / price # FIXME: volume needs to be in the opposite unit
elif rule == 'loop':
log.debug('applying rule {} to the following assets: {}'.format(args[1], args[0]))
rule, *args2 = args[1]
for a in args[0]:
args3 = tuple(arg.format(a) for arg in args2)
execute_rule(rule, *args3)
elif rule == 'copy':
log.debug('copying {} to {}'.format(args[0], args[1]))
src_asset, src_base = mkt(args[0])
dest_asset, dest_base = mkt(args[1])
r = FeedPrice(result.price(src_asset, src_base), dest_asset, dest_base)
elif rule == 'publish':
asset, base = mkt(args[0])
log.debug('should publish {}/{}'.format(asset, base))
publish_list.append((asset, base))
raise ValueError('Invalid rule: {}'.format(rule))
for rule, *args in cfg['rules']:
execute_rule(rule, *args)
except Exception as e:
log.warning('Could not execute rule: {} {}'.format(rule, args))
return result, publish_list
def get_feed_prices_new(node, cfg):
# 1- fetch all feeds
result = _fetch_feeds(node, cfg)
# 2- apply rules
return _apply_rules(node, cfg, result)
def get_feed_prices(node, cfg):
result, publish_list = get_feed_prices_new(node, cfg)
feeds = {}
base_blockchain = node.type().split('-')[0]
if base_blockchain == 'bts':
for f in result.filter(base='BTS'):
feeds[f.asset] = 1/f.price
feeds['ALTCAP'] = 1/result.filter('ALTCAP', 'BTC')[0].price
except Exception:
#log.debug('Did not have a price for ALTCAP/BTC')
elif base_blockchain == 'steem':
feeds['STEEM'] = result.price('STEEM', 'USD')
except Exception:
# update price history for all feeds
# FIXME: remove this from here (use of shared global var price_history)
for cur, price in feeds.items():
# try:
# price_history['STEEM'].append(result.price('STEEM', 'USD'))
# except ValueError:
# pass
return feeds, publish_list
def median_str(cur):
return statistics.median(price_history[cur])
except Exception:
return 'N/A'
def check_node_is_ready(node, base_error_msg=''):
if not node.is_online():
log.warning(base_error_msg + 'wallet is not running')
return False
if node.is_locked():
log.warning(base_error_msg + 'wallet is locked')
return False
if not node.is_synced():
log.warning(base_error_msg + 'client is not synced')
return False
return True
def get_base_for(asset): # FIXME: deprecate / remove me
if asset == 'ALTCAP':
return 'BTC'
return 'BTS'
def check_feeds(nodes):
# 1- get all feeds from all feed providers (FP) at once. Only use FP designated as active
# 2- compute price from the FeedSet using adequate strategy. FP can (should) be weighted
# (eg: BitcoinAverage: 4, BitFinex: 1, etc.) if no volume is present
# 3- order of computation should be clearly defined and documented, or configurable in the yaml file (preferable)
global feeds, feed_control
feeds, publish_list = get_feed_prices(nodes[0], core.config['monitoring']['feeds'][nodes[0].type()]) # use first node if we need to query the blockchain, eg: for bit20 asset composition
feed_control.nfeed_checked += 1
status = feed_control.publish_status({(k, get_base_for(k)): v for k, v in feeds.items()})
log.debug('Got feeds on {}: {}'.format(nodes[0].type(), status))
for node in nodes:
if node.role != 'feed_publisher':
# if an exception occurs during publishing feeds for a witness (eg: inactive witness),
# then we should still go on for the other nodes (and not let exceptions propagate)
if node.type() == 'bts':
if feed_control.should_publish():
base_error_msg = 'Cannot publish feeds for {} witness {}: '.format(node.type(),
if check_node_is_ready(node, base_error_msg) is False:
base_msg = '{} witness {} feeds: '.format(node.type(),
# publish median value of the price, not latest one
median_feeds = {(c, get_base_for(c)): statistics.median(price_history[c]) for c in feeds}
publish_feeds = {(asset, base): median_feeds[(asset, base)] for asset, base in publish_list} + 'publishing feeds: {}'.format(feed_control.format_feeds(publish_feeds)))
publish_bts_feed(node, cfg['bts'], publish_feeds, base_msg)
feed_control.last_published = pendulum.utcnow() # FIXME: last_published is only for 'bts' now...
elif node.type() == 'steem':
price = statistics.median(price_history['STEEM'])
# publish median value of the price, not latest one
if feed_control.should_publish_steem(node, price):
base_error_msg = 'Cannot publish feeds for steem witness {}: '.format(
if check_node_is_ready(node, base_error_msg) is False:
publish_steem_feed(node, cfg['steem'], price)
node.opts['last_price'] = price
node.opts['last_published'] = pendulum.utcnow()
# elif node.type() == 'muse':
# ...
log.error('Unknown blockchain type for feeds publishing: {}'.format(node.type()))
except Exception as e:
except core.NoFeedData as e:
except Exception as e:
threading.Timer(cfg['check_time_interval'], check_feeds, args=(nodes,)).start()
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