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TODO 4 v0.03:

- remove example section
- add customer request in cdbGetView()
done; leads to:

TODO 4 v0.031:

- remove bug in cdbUpdate():
correct (resp. better) code for setting the revision is:
cdb$rev <- cdbGetDoc(cdb)$res$‘_rev’
cdb$dataList$‘_id’ <- cdb$id
cdb$dataList$‘_rev’ <- cdb$rev
data <- toJSON(cdb$dataList)

TODO 4 v0.04

- test/use RJSONIO 0.2-4 (http://www.omegahat.org/RJSONIO/)
- bring the /test infrastructure back to life; can serve as example how top use R4CouchDB
- a function: cdbAddAttachment() is needed

TODO 4 v0.05

- use couchone.com, this allows to give a default server for example sections
- cdbGetUuids() can give N ids stored in cdb$id!?


TODOs —> issues

v0.04 and v0.41


workaround for error which occurs while updating (cdbUpdateDoc())
relative large (~40k) data sets.
curl=cdb$curl → #curl=cdb$curl


I was not able to reproduce the error at home
(in a different network topology,
different data but same (actually bigger) size)
maybe there is no need to use V0.41 …
I’ll find it out!


there is a new version of RJSONIO:
Last Release: 0.3-1 (08 Sep 2010)

There is a blog post about R4CouchDB

New in v0.061

  cdb$opts <- function(cdb){
      if(cdb$uname == ""){
        opts <- curlOptions(header = FALSE)
        opts <- curlOptions(header = FALSE,
                            httpauth = 1L,
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