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package gen
import (
var _ = time.Now
var _ = bson.NewObjectId
type Hoge struct {
type HogePostParam struct {
Name *string "json:\"name,omitempty\" schema:\"name\""
Code *string "json:\"code,omitempty\" schema:\"code\""
Email *string "json:\"email,omitempty\" schema:\"email\""
Password *string "json:\"password,omitempty\" schema:\"password\""
StringArraySample *[]*string "json:\"stringArraySample,omitempty\" schema:\"stringArraySample\""
HogeType *string "json:\"hogeType,omitempty\" schema:\"hogeType\""
Nested1 *struct {
IntSample *int "json:\"intSample,omitempty\" schema:\"intSample\""
NumberSample *float64 "json:\"numberSample,omitempty\" schema:\"numberSample\""
BoolSample *bool "json:\"boolSample,omitempty\" schema:\"boolSample\""
} "json:\"nested1,omitempty\" schema:\"nested1\""
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