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Loon requires Tcl and Tk version 8.6. In order to use the loon package the Tcl interpreter needs to find loons's pkgIndex.tcl file. Tcl searches for packages in all the paths listed in the auto_path Tcl variable. If you start tclsh, wish or tkcon you can look at the auto_path variable with

puts $auto_path

From now on, I will only mention tkcon, but note that you can also use tclsh or wish instead.

Here are three different approaches to have the Tcl interpreter find loon's pkgIndex.tcl file:

  • Manually add the path to loon's pkgIndex.tcl file to the auto_path variable. In tkcon enter

      lappend auto_path "path-to-parent-directory-of-pkgIndex.tcl"

    this approach requires you to be repeated every time you start a new tkcon instance. The next two approaches do not require to be repeated when starting a new Tcl interpreter.

  • Copy the loon folder to a path that is listed in the auto_path variable.

  • Add the path to loon's pkgIndex.tcl file to the TCLLIBPATH environment variable, e.g. (form the bash)

      export TCLLIBPATH="$TCLLIBPATH /Users/arwaddel/Desktop/loon/Tcl"

Then, to load loon enter the following in tkcon

package require loon

And create a scatterplot with

dict with ::loon::data::olive {
    set p [loon::plot -x $oleic -y $stearic -color $Area \
        -xlabel oleic -ylabel stearic]

For more information please read the learn section in the web manual.

Fast Image Resizing for Image Point Glyphs

On Linux and OS X it is advisable to install the ImageScale Tcl extension for fast image resizing. loon will use the compiled C code for image resizing when available.

The TEA setup of ImageScale for Windows does currently not work. If you know how to change the in the win folder so that the ImageScale package also compiles under Windows then please contact me.