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   Copyright (C) 1990 - 2015 Wade L. Hennessey  All rights reserved.

This file is part of WCL.

WCL is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.  No author or distributor accepts responsibility
to anyone for the consequences of using it or for whether it serves any
particular purpose or works at all, unless he says so in writing. 

Everyone is granted permission to copy, modify and redistribute
WCL, but only under the conditions described in doc/LICENSE file.

Common Lisp implementations for Unix have traditionally provided a
rich development environment at the expense of an inefficient delivery
environment.  The goal of WCL is to allow hundreds of Lisp
applications to be realistically available at once, while allowing
several of them to run concurrently.  WCL accomplishes this by
providing Common Lisp as a Unix shared library that can be linked with
Lisp and C code to produce efficient applications.  For example, the
executable for a Lisp version of the canonical ``Hello World!''
program requires only 20k bytes on 32 bit x86 Linux.  WCL also
supports a full development environment, including dynamic file
loading and debugging.  A modified version of GDB is used to debug WCL
programs, providing support for mixed language debugging.  The
techniques used in WCL should also be applicable to other high-level
languages that allow runtime mappings from names to objects.

doc/COPYING -   WCL copying terms
doc/LICENSE -   WCL license terms
doc/INSTALL -   Information about installing WCL
doc/lfp-paper.* - 1992 Lisp and Functional Programming Conference paper on WCL
doc/wcl.text - Information about WCL usage and porting.


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