Resources related to instantiating and testing the PCORNet Common Data Model.
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This repository is a place for the LHSNet organization to collaborate on technical implementation resources related to instantiating and testing the PCORNet Common Data Model.

Structure of the Repository

Currently this repository is structured around versions of the PCORNet common data model, but we can mature this structure as we determine the best way to use GitHub to organize this work.

Getting Started With GitHub

Git is a free and open source version control system designed to facilitate the distributed development of source code for software. GitHub is a public web-based Git repository hosting service with over 10 million users. This service allows inviduals or communities of users to host and collaboartively develop software and related artifacts. GitHub has been used by numerous informatics and cyberinfrastructure initiatives including OHDSI, iPlant/CyVerse, Galaxy, and NCIP.

The LHSNet organization on GitHub allows the LHS Network to share the technical resources that are required to support the research being conducted by the LHSNet research network.

Git and GitHub Resources