A tool for generating Salesforce DX source code from templates.
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sfdx-code-gen Build Status

A tool for generating Salesforce DX source code from templates. This plugin is a proof-of-concept focused on making it easier to create code through templates. The idea is to make it easy to share, modify, and add new templates w/o having anything hardcoded.


Install from source

  1. Install the Salesforce CLI.

  2. Clone the repository: git clone git@github.com:wadewegner/sfdx-code-gen.git

  3. Install npm modules: npm install

  4. Link the plugin: sfdx plugins:link .

Install as plugin

  1. Install plugin: sfdx plugins:install sfdx-code-gen


The basic usage of the plugin is straightforward.

Usage: sfdx waw:code:create

create source from a template

 -n, --name NAME           # file or bundle name
 -d, --outputdir OUTPUTDIR # folder for saving the created files
 -t, --template TEMPLATE   # code template name
 -v, --vars VARS           # variables required by the template

Creating a simple Apex class: sfdx waw:code:create -t apex -n myclass -v className=myClass,apiVersion=40.0

This command will create a class in the current directory.

The following files were created:

You can specify a different output directory with -d|--outputdir. If you're unsure of the VARS required, you can drop the -v|--vars and it will output the required fields.

Creating a template

Take a look at the example templates to see how it works. Effectively, templates are folders with files. To function, be sure to create a def.json file that specifies the details of your template. If you're creating a Lightning component, be sure to specify "bundle": true so that it creates a bundle folder with all your files.

You can create your own local templates in ~/.sfdx-templates. The tool will check here first, so you can easily overwrite default templates.