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This is an SFDX-ified version of Christophe Coenraets Mutual Fund Explorer Lightning App. You can find details on his on the post Mutual Fund Explorer: A New Lightning Components Sample Application.

I converted this app to SFDX by doing the following:

  1. Installed the unmanaged package into an org (I used a scratch org but it doesn't matter).

  2. Created a new SFDX workspace: sfdx force:workspace:create -n sfdx-dreaminvest

  3. Created a new directory: mkdir mdapipackage

  4. Invoked a metadata retrieve on the package: sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve -s -r ./mdapipackage -p DreamInvest

  5. Retrieved the package: sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve --jobid [JOBID] --retrievetargetdir ./mdapipackage

  6. Unzipped the paackage: unzip mdapipackage/ -d mdapipackage/

  7. Removed the zip: rm mdapipackage/

  8. Converted the source: sfdx force:mdapi:convert -r mdapipackage/

  9. Removed the old source: rm -rf mdapipackage

Now I can push and run:

  1. Create a scratch org: sfdx force:org:create -s -f config/workspace-scratch-def.json

  2. Push the source into my org: sfdx force:source:push

  3. Assign the user to the permset: sfdx force:user:permset:assign -n DreamInvest

  4. Open the org and run app: sfdx force:org:open