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Setup Travis CI to work with Salesforce DX
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This repository shows one way you can successfully setup Salesforce DX (Pilot) with Travis CI. I'm going to make a few assumptions in this README:

If any any of these assumptions aren't true, the following steps won't work.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have the Salesforce DX CLI installed. Check by running sfdx force --help and confirm you see the command output.

  2. Confirm you can perform a JWT-based auth: sfdx force:auth:jwt:grant --clientid <your_consumer_key> --jwtkeyfile server.key --username <your_username> --setdefaultdevhubusername

  3. Create a Github repo called sfdx-travisci.

  4. Create a new SFDX workspace: sfdx force:workspace:create -n sfdx-travisci

  5. In the newly created directory, initialize git: git init

  6. Add your Github repo as a remote: git remote add origin

  7. Set your Consumer Key and Username using the Travis CLI.

    travis env set CONSUMERKEY <your_consumer_key> travis env set USERNAME <your_username>

  8. Create a folder called assets and add your server.key to the folder.

  9. Encrypt your server.key value:

    travis encrypt-file assets/server.key assets/server.key.enc

  10. Remove your server.key: rm assets/server.key

  11. Create a .travis.yml file: touch .travis.yml

  12. Update the .travis.yml similar to the one in this repo, replacing with your own values.

And you should be ready to go! Now when you commit and push a change, your change will kick off a Travis CI build.


Contributing to the Repository

If you find any issues or opportunities for improving this respository, fix them! Feel free to contribute to this project by forking this repository and make changes to the content. Once you've made your changes, share them back with the community by sending a pull request. Please see How to send pull requests for more information about contributing to Github projects.

Reporting Issues

If you find any issues with this demo that you can't fix, feel free to report them in the issues section of this repository.

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