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Rounding and truncation methods for big.Rat to close some of the gap in functionality between Rat and Decimal (such as Java's BigDecimal).

Documentation on GoDoc:

Why go-rounding?

There are a few other Decimal implementations for Go:

So why does go-rounding exist? big.Rat is a superset of the basic needs for a Decimal representation, the only major thing missing is some nice rounding methods. go-rounding is less than 150 lines of code, so it is easy to review and understand its implementation. If you need more features, you should use one of the above packages.


To run:

go test -v -benchmem -bench .

Example output on go1.5 darwin_amd64 commit 55c986f658

BenchmarkFinite          2000000           651 ns/op         182 B/op          3 allocs/op
BenchmarkFinitePrec      2000000           996 ns/op         244 B/op          5 allocs/op
BenchmarkRoundUp         1000000          2470 ns/op         397 B/op          9 allocs/op
BenchmarkRoundHalfEven   1000000          2458 ns/op         393 B/op          9 allocs/op
BenchmarkTrunc            500000          2669 ns/op         265 B/op          6 allocs/op