Little status monitor to play with Go
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Go Status Monitor

Playing with high-level networking and concurrency, a nice break from the single-threaded stuff you get to do with most web applications.



provide a config.json file that looks like this

  "port": "8080",
  "workers": 10,
  "services": [
      "description": "localhost on port 8080",
      "host": "",
      "port": "8080"

then run statusmonitor. It will look in the current working directory for the config file, though it's recommended to supply the path to the file yourself (see below) You can

Cli options

-c    config file location.
-v    verbose log output

statusmonitor will start serving a status page (by default) at localhost:8080 attempt to connect to the ports defined and report on success for each.

It speaks JSON, just send the correct request header Accept: application/json