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Collect, store, analyze and report big data to answer the question of which city will have the highest rate of opening new businesses? Using Java/Elasticsearch/Kibana/Amazon Web Services
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Big-Data project to predict which city will have the highest rate of opening new businesses?

Project's Youtube video.

Data Science 2016

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Welcome to the Spring 2016 Data Science class!

As a future data analyst, you are responsible to collect, store, analyze and effectively report on data insight.

In this class, we will be learning how to clean up messy data, uncover patterns and insights to conclude or to make predictions. Moreover, we will be communicating our findings with beautiful visualization!

You are welcome to join the class gitter chat room. In the interest of being efficient, we encourage everyone to ask questions publicly so that common questions can be answered once.

In this quarter, we will publish all course materials on the Github and on Gitbook. This implies you do not need a textbook for the class as all required materials will be provided.

Please feel free to utilize Github issue or Gitbook comment to share your thoughts on the course throughout the quarter

Join the chat at

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