Smart and Simple Project Management for Teams on GitHub (A repo for tracking the team's public-facing work.)
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Waffle is a project management tool for dev teams that uses GitHub data as the primary source of record. Manage your projects alongside your code for free at

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About this Repository

This is the Waffle team's Issues Only repository for public facing feature work, enhancements, and issues. Waffle users can add issues through GitHub Issues or directly on our Waffle board.

It's best to search our board before adding new Issues in an effort to reduce duplicates and encourage activity on existing conversations.

What is Waffle?

Waffle is a project management tool powered by your GitHub Issues and Pull Requests.

Interact with your Issues and Pull Requests from one or more repositories in the form of cards on a board. Plan, organize, and track work together as a team in a view that works for everyone.


Easy Set Up

Sick of project management tools with unreliable GitHub Integrations? Waffle is built on top of the GitHub API, so your work and its status will always be in sync. Just sign in to Waffle using GitHub -- within 5 minutes, you can transform your long lists of GitHub Issues and Pull Requests into a big picture view of what's planned, what's being worked on, and what's up next.

Pick your favorite view: Cards on a Board in Waffle or Issues in GitHub

When you create a project in Waffle, your Issues and Pull Requests transform into cards on a board. This friendly board view, similar to Trello, is built with everyone on your team in mind. Team members can do work in Waffle or GitHub. Use the view that makes the most sense for the work you're doing.

Maintain a single source of truth in your workflow

Add, update, comment on, and close cards in GitHub, or in Waffle. View all updates in real time, regardless of where you do your work. Always know what's planned, in progress, waiting for review, and ready to ship.

Track the work you're already doing with ease

Track your work as you work. Updating your status from GitHub is simple-- just add a label to the issue. Use cues in commits or pull requests to move cards across the board automatically. Move work in progress with the push of a branch. For team members who prefer Waffle’s board view, updating status is as easy as dragging and dropping cards across the board.

Work together like the team that you are

Eliminate extra tools, silos, and meetings. Invite everyone (QA, design, marketing, etc) to participate. Create repos for their work, too (Issues Only repos, like this one, are great for non-dev roles.) Organize your work on one board, with many repos representing your collective work, together, as a team.

Tools for Open Source


Newly "Waffled" public repositories are prompted with a banner asking to add a badge to your repository's README. If you agree to it, we'll instantly issue a pull request to your repository with the default badge snippet. Badges are also customizable and accessible at any time from your Project Settings.

Collaborators, contributors, and community members can click on the badge to view your Waffle board, giving them a quick, big picture view of what's in progress and how they can help.

Stories in Progress


Waffle also offers the option to embed a throughput graph to your README. The graph shows how many Issues and Pull Requests are closed weekly, allowing others to view the activity level of your open source project.

Throughput Graph



Check out our FAQs or feel free to contact us.